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  1. Dana B.

    Download: Bouncy Blizzard

    Will there be any updates to this hook? I plan to enable it again for my forum but I have no idea how it will work with 3.3.4.
  2. I am also really hoping for an overhaul of the emoticons and can't believe there is no way to rearrange them in the ACP....or at the very least newest ones added are viewed first in the preview box, prior to selecting "show all". But, I've spent $$$ on skins and won't be upgrading immediately....unless the person I buy skins from upgrades....and that probably won't happen very quickly. :(
  3. Dana B.

    iArcade 1.1 Beta2

    Can this arcade be installed or are their issues with it?
  4. Dana B.

    Suggestion: Nudge Feature

    I was just wondering about this and if it would be a possibility? Would be a fun hook :D
  5. This is great, thanks! I also would like to request the option for it to work with the "View New Content" list, since that is also how my members go through most posts. :D
  6. Dana B.

    Download: Shoutbox

    Thank you SO much! I am going to try this today!
  7. Dana B.

    Download: Shoutbox

    I thought cPanel where was where I am accessing the FTP? These terms are all new to me, and no one has verbally explained them to me so that I have an understand how they are used, such as describing where a file upload goes. I never installed our forum since we have a "hassle-free" hosted community. I wish I had more experience and a better understanding so I know what people are talking about EXACTLY. I have a rough idea, but it's not enough to get me by right now, for installing this. I think I've uploaded into different folders on the database side (FTP) (what do you refer to that as so people know what I mean??) about 3 times, but never find it in the "modules not installed" in my administrator control panel. I only see "Installed Applications" and IPS Add ons, so I must be putting in the wrong spot. Can anyone describe exactly which folder it MUST be in and how to get there, so I'm going to the right place? A question about using a Mac. When I download a zipped file, my Mac unzips it, so then I have NO idea how to upload the now zipped/extracted files to my FTP - take the ShoutBox for example. There's another application I want, the one about detecting inactive members. So, I have also have a Windows based laptop (still more familiar with it) so I wind up just downloading to my windows laptop, since I have to initiate unzipping (winzip), if I want to extract a particular file (like skins, for example). But, I will be phasing out the laptop for a new macbook pro eventually and will not have a windows-based PC. So, how do I upload several folders into FTP area from a Mac? Without doing it one file at a time....
  8. Dana B.

    Download: Shoutbox

    Is anyone able to explain exactly where it should be uploaded to in cPanel? Is that the right place? So many of you guys are good at this stuff and know exactly where to go, but I just don't have the hang of it yet. Am I looking for the file manager in cPanel? Then which directory? Home Root, Web Root, Public FTP Root, or Document Root? Where from there? Thank you in advance. I very much want to understand this stuff, but it's still like a foreign language until I become more familiar. I just don't want to become shy of doing fancy add-ons because I am don't know how to navigate through the FTP area.