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  1. Hi, I'm very pleased with my hosting here at IPS. It's a basic hosting that I signed up to about 5 years ago. But recently they've done changes such as including the database storage into the my total amount of storage. It originally included 100MB and I've used about 70/100MB. The change of including the database have changed my usage to about 300/100MB. It seems they're doing changes to force me to change. I'm very pleased with what I've got so far but I really don't want to change to the new "10 online users" model... Disappointed. Best regards.
  2. On my actual site I'm using a couple of <if></if> to hide all the forums when visiting .com/ but when visiting .com/index.php?show=forum the whole forum is being visible. Can this be done with this mod? Best regards.
  3. Feature request. When watching a forum on 3.2, each topic has an downward pointing arrow. When clicking on it you got a preview of the first and the last post. This would really be awesome. Do you have a donation address for support? Best regards.
  4. 40.5 hours. Nothing. Can't understand why they can't just tell that there are delays. And it's always pleased to hear someone got his board upgraded in 30 min after a request yesterday morning.
  5. Hi, This is not a criticism. 35 hours ago I asked for a 3.2.0 upgrade (request ID 751060). I wrote in the message that I already accept the disclaimer since it can save time for both of us. I got a response 11 hours after my ticket that couldn't just accept the disclaimer in such a way but had to accept his response which included the disclaimer. If a user is requesting a ticket for upgrade let him accept or dismiss the disclaimer when he sends his massage. It's like registering on a forum and between the page where you choose your username and where you accept the rules you have to wait 10 hours. It's now been 22 hours since my reply where I accepted the disclaimer. How on earth to be organized? "By completing this upgrade request, you are indicating a backup has been made to restore your software and data in the event of upgrade issues." I did this backup when I asked for a upgrade. 35 hours ago... and that is a lot. I know you have a lot to do but please let us know. Regards, joschienne
  6. Better if the user that is clicking on a topic goes to the first unread post. Best regards.
  7. Great hook. Would be nice to be directed to the latest post and not the the topic itself when something new is posted.
  8. I definitely like this mod but would be awesome with more than one feed for the hook :) Best regards, joschienne
  9. This hook got skinning issues in IE. On another machine I tried the IE app in chrome and the statuses were displayed for a couple of seconds then all the status updates disappeared. Best regards, joschienne
  10. Great hook :) I'm using Recent Topics 2.0.0 and is wondering what edits I have to add for this hook to work on it too? At the moment there is still the buttons to click on for the preview. Would be very nice if anyone could help. The code for the topic link is the following: <td {$class2} class='__topic __tid{$r['topico']['tid']}' width='52%'> <if test="$r['topico']['state'] !='link'"><span class='topic_preview right'>{parse template="topic_popup" group="global" params="$r['topico']['tid']"}</span></if> <if test="$r['topico']['pinned']"><span class='topic_prefix'>{$this->settings['pre_pinned']}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</if> <if test="$r['topico']['poll_state']"><span class='topic_prefix'>{$this->settings['pre_polls']}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</if> <if test="$this->settings['topicosrecentes_movidos'] AND $r['topico']['state'] == 'link'"><span class='topic_prefix'>{$this->settings['pre_moved']}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</if> <if test="$r['topico']['topic_hasattach']"> <a href="{parse url="app=forums&amp;module=forums&amp;section=attach&amp;tid={$r['topico']['tid']}" base="public"}" title="{parse expression="intval($r['topico']['topic_hasattach'])"} {$this->lang->words['topic_attach']}" onclick="return ipb.forums.retrieveAttachments( {$r['topico']['tid']} );">{parse replacement="t_attach"}</a> </if> <if test="istracking:|:! empty($r['topico']['trackingTopic'])">{parse replacement="watch_small"}</if> <b><a href='{parse url="showtopic={$r['topico']['tid']}&view=getnewpost" base="public" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$r['topico']['title_seo']}"}' title='{$r['topico']['title']}'>{IPSText::truncate($r['topico']['title'],60)}</a></b><br /> <span class='desc'>{$this->lang->words['cat_name']}: <foreach loop="topicsForumTrail:$r['breadcrumb'] as $i => $f"> <a href='{parse url="{$f[1]}" template="showforum" seotitle="{$f[2]}" base="public"}'>{$f[0]}</a> <if test="notLastFt:|:$i+1 != count( $r['breadcrumb'] )">{parse replacement="f_nav_sep"}</if> </foreach> </span> </td> Best regards, Joschienne
  11. I have installed the "Topic Preview on Hover" hook. Would be nice if the hook worked with the recent topics hook. Does anyone know how to enable it? Best regards, joschienne
  12. Is there a horisontal hook for the index page? See attached image.
  13. Will this cause any problems (conflicts) with the recent topics v2.0.0 by Adriano? I'm running 3.1.1, is that fine? Have a couple of hundred thousands posts. Best regards, joschen
  14. I have a question and I don't know how to do this exactly. On my first page I want two of these resent posts and topics. The first one is the serious one, focusing on the latest news sections in my forum. The second one is for everything else. In other word, this would be like installing the hook twice but the ajax update should work for both (one update for both). I'll be willing to pay for anyone who knows how to do this if needed. Best regards, joschen
  15. At the beginning of the day, it’s all about possibilities. At the end of the day, it’s all about results.

  16. Hi, Is it possible to set an option to pay bills with PayPal? Regards, Johan
  17. Thanks. The home button at the buttom of the page directs you to http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php? I checked your webpage and it's the same with index.php? Maybe another redirect line? :) Would be nice if there's a code for this.
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