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  1. waiting on IPB 3.2 to decide if I sell or keep my licenses. Already purchased two XF licenses.

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    2. dogpatch


      xenforo is cool and all, but it still needs time to develop more. its still missing a lot of "basic" forum features.

    3. xCurlyx


      ^ they have "basic" forum features.. which is the forum part silly !

    4. dogpatch


      no i mean things that are standard on every other forum package dont yet exist in xf. for example theres no custom profile fields.

  2. I am sure they will and I look forward to it. But even Matt has admitted that currently the product has too many features that could and should be removed. I am hoping that 3.2 will see a lot of useless features or outdated features that are no longer relevant, removed. Forum software must refocus on what was and what is. Right now vBulletin is stuck in the 90's to early 2000's. IPB is trying to catch up to what forum owners and users desire. But at the same time, they have to keep certain features because of the past versions. If they were to get rid of 100% of all the useless or outdated features and then replace them with usable features for today's generation... forums could once again be a viable market. Just because customers say they want extra features... doesn't mean IPS should listen. Customers, as I have learned over the years, need to get their heads out of their rear ends and allow people to do their jobs as they deem best. I am a customer of IPS and XF. But I consider that the developers understand what is best for the product and try, not to tell them what to do.
  3. The question remains, who needs all the extra features? What are we trying to accomplish with our website or forum? Are all the added extra functionality worthwhile or worthless? Each individual will have their own opinion about that. I say that XenForo is going in the right direction. A forum software with sociable functionality that is desired by today's internet user. They don't have to add in crap features just because they supported them in older version. Xen is new and can support updated feature sets versus outdated but sill used features.
  4. I'll say this about XenForo. It may be RC1 right now, but even in beta it was more stable than some Gold releases from either IPB or vBulletin. I like XenForo so much that I have considered holding a posting contest to give away my account with (3) IPB licenses, and 1 license of all the addons including Nexus. Yea, I could sell it. But if I could help someone out who would like a great deal and wants to move away from vBulletin or a free forum software then why not.
  5. That says enough on how much you know about the design aspect.
  6. Really? XenForo's design is pure CSS and I have never seen a forum design look that way. Especially not a decade ago. I began running forums in the 90's using UBB, Ikonboard, PhpBB, vBulletin, IPB and now XenForo. Let's be realistic here and not go off on crazy thoughts people.
  7. While I do tend to agree. I also know that a nice looking default style would be better than a simplistic, almost empty looking design. I've purchased styles from skinbox and ipbforumskin, but still find those styles don't offer what I am looking for. Although Ehren once did a custom for me back on the old 2.3.x series and I was happy with that. I am 100% with you on removing a lot of older code that was around on older forum software such as emoticons.
  8. I am talking more of streamlining the code in order to make it work faster. But then, the more code you include the slower it will perform. XenForo has a unique style to it and for what I want it works great. It is a simple forum software that understands facebook is an indirect competitor that has been slowing down the growth of forums all across the board. However, I will admit that right now there are not many skins or mods available. That is understandable seeing as it has just now reached RC1 level. I feel that in order to compete that IPB needs a new outlook on what it brings in terms of a new style and perhaps streamline the code a bit more (as I am aware they will be removing areas that are no longer needed). I have always said that IPB is about innovation, and I would like to see that innovation to show through an outstanding default style. Maybe integrate some functions of Xen into 3.2. I have more money riding on IPB than I do XenForo. So I obviously am hoping for some great changes.
  9. I own 3 IPB licenses and a license to every other addon. I recently made the switch to XenForo as I felt IPB simply has too much slowing it down compared to the forum software I switched over to. I was wondering what, if any design aspects would be implemented in IPB 3.2 that would bring a customer back to using IPB versus a new competitor.
  10. I second that. Any ideas on what needs to be changed?
  11. If a person gets offended by being called an idiot.... perhaps that person needs to find the inner truth to their being offended by a software calling them an idiot. Anyone can call me an idiot and I don't get offended. Why? I am fully aware of the fact that I am not an idiot.
  12. This is one problem that makes IPB less attractive. The Mod community is greedy. Whereas the vBulletin community has many great mods for free. A plugin or mod like this would be free.
  13. Why should IPS make money off of our forums or traffic/purchases made through our forums?
  14. At least consider allowing the title to have a hook or create a hook for us to be able to manually change the displayed Title (branding website title) for each new category or forum we create. That would help in SEO. I should know. I helped Juan back in the early days of vBSEO. I was one of the prerelease team members back when it first started. There were a lot of discussions about how to make vBSEO better.
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