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Download: Fusion Menu with Primary Navigation support

Mat Barrie

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Do you have a working example?

Your website mentions sub-menus - any examples of this working?

With raw IPS code it is possible to hide menu's & menu items from certain groups and to display other memu's only to members of other groups (primary or secondary) e.g a menu for guests, and menu items for staff etc., Can this be done with your system - if not could it be added for the next version.

I cannot get mine to work well with sub-menus, so if yours could display sub-menus and control over who see's what, I would certainly buy.

Also can yours be positioned anywhere on the page? For example I have mine below the _top whereas on here it is above.


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What is wrong with this mod?

I can't add any menu!

I want my money back!

Oh common! At least give him little time to even reply or debug the issue? He might be sleeping, on job, etc?

For a paid mod, I was expecting it to be working flawlessly on install.

Since, when each application is perfect from start? Each application has issue here and their. What matters is if coder is fixing the issue in good time or not.

Mat received, up to now, 135$ for a broken app. :)

"We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee in accordance with our refund policy." :)
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I've discovered what the issue there is - it's due to an annoying inconsistency between database engines with how they handle null integers.

To fix, replace your copy of class_menudata.php (in /admin/applications_addon/other/fusionmenu/sources/classes) with the one attached.

Please note that this is currently working on all my test environments (MSSQL and MySQL) so if you have any other issues please fire them off to me and I will get them looked at. I apologise most profusely for the issue experienced with this initial release.

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