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  1. Download: Delight

    I don't agree with your opinion of what's the actual cause, but well, it has no real importance. Things change anyway. We'll put every single effort we can to show you they can be better. Sébastien.
  2. Download: Delight

    Hello, Sorry for the lack of answers on this topic. We are used to giving support through our forums; it hasn't been problematic since then that we didn't look at the default support topics. For those who have a hard time registering, feel free to send me a PM or an email through our contact form so that we can help you register. If you can't access the tutorials and/or the support section once registered, make sure you used the same e-mail as here, and once this is done, contact us and we'll help you upgrade your account. bosss, we've helped you - even though I can recognize we took too much time, and I apologize for it. As far as I remember, your issues were fixed, for those who were in the scope of the support. I agree with you that we had a lot of issues with IE since the release of Joie. We know this and have been trying to improve our skins regarding this matter. We've made a good progress, but things are not perfect, yet. That's why we're spending much time with IP.Board 3.2 update, so that we avoid such issues in the future. However, please note the new developer is not coding the skins - Olivier is the only one who does. I only take care of javascript/php developments. Please use our support forums from now, it will greatly help us to notice your requests - and answer them in a timely manner. Thanks, Sébastien Penet, Quimiu Management.
  3. Hello there! Do you plan on releasing an update of iMedia Station to 3.2.0?

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      Didn't make that app.

  4. I hope IPS is going to make a new homepage for invisionpower.com.

  5. Today, I wore this at my uncle's funeral http://lookbook.nu/look/2115265-Funeral do you think it's appropriate?

  6. Suggestion: Remove Category View

    Remove it.
  7. Parallels or VMWare?

    1. 7SiN


      Looks like he deleted my post I wanted you to see. http://xboxdm.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/6-caja/

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    2. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      You can use this one for your gaming community - it's a question of customizations really.

    3. PSNation


      Yeah I could but Brave is better.

    4. rsyvarth


      @Peter... the text doesn't change color, look at it again.

  8. Download: Underground

    Can you PM me the email address you use here please? I'll add you manually.