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  1. Depotoir

    (NB34) Enhanced Content Notifications

    Does it work with the reputation system too? Will it send a notification when someone likes a post or image?
  2. Depotoir

    (NB34) Most Liked Topics

    This hook is not dynamic. It should show the most liked topics of the day, the week, or whatsoever.
  3. Depotoir

    Super News Feed

    It would be nice to show reputation changes like this : http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6006-recent-likes/
  4. Depotoir

    Warn Log

    Nope, it was not merged. :(
  5. Depotoir

    Warn Log

    Hello, I just warned a member for the second time. No post were added to the original topic.
  6. Depotoir

    [HQ] Awards

    Auto rewarding? yes!
  7. Depotoir

    Super News Feed

    Has any changes been made to the reputation? (like to include a link to the post that has received reputation)
  8. Depotoir

    [HQ] Forum Icons

    Hey guys, Any way to use the icon as link to the forum? My icons are quite big! Check out my board and you'll understand. DawPi, I can pay you. ;)
  9. Depotoir

    Super News Feed

    I don't know if I'll get any replies... but here I go. i just bought the mod. This thing is awesome and make my community even more dynamic. My members are reputation crackheads. Any way to know from which post reputation has been given?
  10. Depotoir

    [HQ] Adverts in Topic

  11. Depotoir

    [HQ] Adverts in Topic

    Another question. Adverts in topic : how can I change the avatar size? My image is 120x120 but it's showing 100x100. Here : http://www.depotoir.ca/topic/6140-ces-choses-que-vous-naviez-pas-comprises-plus-tot/
  12. Depotoir

    [HQ] Adverts in Topic

    Hello DawPi, Sometimes the banner I have placed on ''Top'' stop being shown and I need to manually rebuild caches. Any idea?
  13. Depotoir

    Featured Content on Board Index

    Great mod,, but one minor thing is bugging me : we can click on the featured content even though the cursor is way below the images. The automatic resize needs to be taken out!
  14. Depotoir

    Download: (MD31) Application Menu 1.1.0

    Most useful mod yet.
  15. Depotoir

    IP.Chat Completely Unreliable

    [#CSTART-0] ... It's kinda annoying since my users are paying themselves to use the chatroom and they can't get into it. Still, I paid myself to upgrade to the 20 live users package. That's bad.