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and FINAL.?

at 20 October?

and after you will work for IPD?

And I'm going to build a house. I say for sure it'll be done by the 27th of November. Oops, ran out of materials and the workmen were a bit slow, I must have estimated wrong.

Final comes when final comes. Beta 2 is coming, which means more bug fixes. Do you want final after that? Even though it might have bugs are you THAT impatient?

Not to mention how many differences we saw with 2.0.0 RC and betas, even the skin turned out different.

Just... be... patient.
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according to Matt's post the Beta 2 would be up somebody today, waiting like last week now

I can confirm it will not be out today. They are fixing some issues that took longer than expected to address. Oddities with Internet Explorer 6 v 7 and such.
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For the love of all that's holy, stop harassing them about IP.Dynamic. We're all eager to see it, but you don't need to post over and over about it.

I agree. IP.Board is a "relatively simple" bulletin board script, wheras IP.Dynamic is a full CMS that is designed to power a whole website. Naturally, it's going to take a long time to get together.
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