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  1. I think it would be good to have an option to froce post quoting to leave the quoted post in tact. That way people can't manipulate it to look like someone said something he didn't. Only for quote types which list a nameas being from. It's good to be able to manipulate it by emphacizing words, but I'm not so sure that convenience is worth the ease of manipulation left behind.
  2. That doesn't show all content though as for some reason they limit it to 1 year of content. I assume to cut back on how much content is retrieved. But that's why to have a separate area for posts because there has to eb SOME way to egt everything and not just the past year.
  3. I think there should be a quick link on every page (possibly even outside of the dropdown rather than in) which goes right to all of your content. On another site I'm always posting on you can easily get right to a listing of all of your past posts. With IPB first off you can't even get a listing of ALL posts as it cuts it off. Secondly, you can't click a link on any page and be right at all of your posts. Finding someone's past posts is so important that I think it should be separate from the other content and just be listing in a regular table filling the screen rather than in tabs. After posting on a site where it's easy to get one's past posts quickly (and thoroughly) it's more noticable how much better it is and that wth IPB it's not as accessible and obvious.
  4. edit: whatever... not worth the time I spent typing the original post and definitely not worth time going back and forth on it.
  5. my sites have become so pathetic that if I got 10 posts per day not from myself I would go into shock from that high number.
  6. I got some cookies that are some sort of fudge covered oreos a few days ago.
  7. Make draggable like my assistent.
  8. Age requirements to join and age requirements in certain forums. Both minimum and maximum limits. Then I guess ability to turn off birthday changing where peoople don't get around it openly.
  9. Maybe they would if someone gives them a cookie. lol
  10. Pretty much the only vb feature I find useful which isn't in IPB is the instant search that happens when you've finished typing a topic title. That way if a similar topic already exists you MAY notice it there and not need to then make your new topic.
  11. That's one thing that keeps me from finishing my apps is I keep thinking ahead where I don't have to add some major change later on. In my case i apparently will keep doing that until I'm 100 though. lol
  12. But the difference is that gallery, tracker, etc... doesn't have a separate number up there like messenger does.
  13. yeah, but not if you have the checkboxes and mark it to only pop up for private messages. And as far as my original post in this topic I was saying just lwoer the count by numbe rof private emssages read when going into the emssenger, not reset the whole total to 0 for ntoifications.
  14. I see the Nexus tab is on here, so maybe that if the issue was recent? lol
  15. As far as not wantng to submit the same mod multiple times, add a feature where the same mod can be listed in multiple areas. I made a feature for someone where you could put something in multiple categories. Still the same row, but jsut listed in more than one place.
  16. It also ensures some are not happy because they're stuck with licenses worth a lot of money that sit there being wasted. If you decide to get rid of a site you really get no compensation. And I bet it leads to some people doing "informal" transfers which is asking for trouble for sure then. As it was both people had to tell IPS it was ok so I don't know how someone could have claimed they never wanted it sold. And if someone had somehow got into their account that's not IPS' problem anyway.
  17. I keep forgetting that inline doesn't already mean popup. That's what i had thought it meant when I was checking boxes because technically it could be viewed as inline.
  18. Well it's not fair to the people who don't break the rules and also the small fee would help counteract that. That logic would also suggest for mod authors and skin creators not to sell anything because of the people who steal and sell others' mods. I'm sure "most" people are still honest and pay properly. Just another reason to be careful when buying licenses though. As it is now you can sell your whole account so the same thing can happen then anyway.
  19. lol as far as the message covering things that's another good reason for them to add back in the drag technology where it can always be placed somewhere else. Well ok that may not solve too much, but I want it back. Hmm well maybe they could do a check to see if you're in messenger and if so then not show the popup, but still show the popup once you do leave the page. in other words don't refrain from ever showing it, but somehow wait until you're on another page.
  20. Well a transfer fee would sure be better than hanging on to it and not needing the license anymore. Personally I may rather keep mine anyway, but yes if they did offer this again it would be worth a fee in most cases and then IPS gets more money out of it anyway most likely.
  21. China j, I thought they already don't popup when you're in messenger. They didn't in 2.x... Maybe they did starting with 3.x and I just didn't have it happen yet. But see the problem with that in 2.x was I would then sometimes not notice I had new messages when I was happening to get them while I was in messenger.
  22. I think it would be nice if you click your messenger not only are the proper rows in that table updated, but also notifications be updated as read also where if any of your notifications were PM messages they aren't included in the number anymore once you've been in your messenger. As it is now you must click both numbers to get them reset to zero.
  23. I personally recommend IPS allow license transfers again. Someone is interested in buying one of mine and I'm not too sure I even need it. However without transfers I have no way to sell it because first off I'm not going to give someone this account and second even if I did want to it would mean giving them ALL licenses. I personally don't see a reason for not allowing it other than to try to get new licenses sold and then people who don't need all of their current ones are stuck. If there are reasons other than business reasons, I'm sure there would be some way to rectify them. I just can't see any problem with it at all though. If someone in the proper account asks for it to be transferred what problem does that cause at all? If it were not the real owner asking them to be transferred well they already found a way into the account so they have access to them already anyway.
  24. great now I can't even type xhtml without typoing.
  25. They did it this way because it's suggested for sites to leave it up to the user whether to open it in a new window or not. I forget if it's actually specified in hxtml or where exactly it was recommended. Personally I would rather it automatically pop up though and I think IPS did make some other links automatically pop up still.
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