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  1. Some doubts

    For that last question he may be wondering if he can upgrade without renewing the license. Basically you do have to renew the license in order to upgrade. You can wait however long you want to renew and your next renewal date would be in relation to the date you renewed on.
  2. Starting a sports betting community

    I made a sports betting system where you can bet points, make picks in contests, etc... I never quite decided on certain things and also could never 100% be clear on legality (even with it not using money) so haven't released it still. Of course a lot of things you want aren't in it or any other app I know of at this point. I'm always looking into making new things though.
  3. security essentials has seemed good to me and since it's free and I know of no issue it's allowed I keep using it.
  4. Sport Betting Community

    On the system I made I'm about to run a contest for the upcoming NCAA football bowl games. My site is sod ead I may have trouble finding people to even join it though. I really never get any feedback from anyone on how to make various things better. If someone wants to try it for the upcoming games they can join it. I've been using it myself for like 3 years, but it's still sloppy in some areas. I get too undecided on various features and I really ened to redo some things. And the contest for bowl picks is one area that needs to be redone even more than other areas.
  5. IE9 Beta 4

    Well he develops well enough to where he is making a lot of money and just got offered jobs in several different states. :P Me personally I just think IE feels much better when browsing.
  6. IE9 Beta 4

    I know an experienced developer who says he's had way more trouble with firefox than IE. And when using them myself I don't like FF at all. IE gives me no problems. If this was about a pre-8 version of IE I would admit it felt much slower than FF on the user's end, but with 8 it's as speedy as cna be and if some test shows it barely worse in this or that it doesn't matter as you can't tell it when using them.
  7. How much do these people pay in hosting?

    Unless you sell something on your site I don't know why people would pay hundreds per month. Maybe you can get more advertising money than I realize, but sure seems unlikely since most people don't click ads. And you're technically breaking rules if you even ask members specifically to click ads.
  8. IE9 Beta 4

    I personally still think IE8 is better than all browsers. :P
  9. Quote Forcing

    I think it would be good to have an option to froce post quoting to leave the quoted post in tact. That way people can't manipulate it to look like someone said something he didn't. Only for quote types which list a nameas being from. It's good to be able to manipulate it by emphacizing words, but I'm not so sure that convenience is worth the ease of manipulation left behind.
  10. IE9 Beta 4

    So much for me using it too then I guess. I have XPstill and no desire to pay for a newer OS.
  11. Post your Internet Speed

    Mine was around 18 down and almost 3 up I think. I'm not on the fastest package though. I'm not sure how fast it can get where I'm at, but they put in new technology recently.
  12. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    Eh, why would you need to find an absolute one instead of one that said x minutes ago?
  13. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    I may add something similar to that to my points system, but I'm not sure if it's worth the time or not. For a few things maybe it would be... such as something showing up for the top x points leaders or the top poster of the day or soemthing like that. Anything for gallery is more annoying though because I haven't noticed any data hook point at all for gallery.... and so although you don;'t need to hook into gallery for the trophy system itself, you would if you wanted to add points for gallery actions and as I said mine is a points system.
  14. My Posts

    That doesn't show all content though as for some reason they limit it to 1 year of content. I assume to cut back on how much content is retrieved. But that's why to have a separate area for posts because there has to eb SOME way to egt everything and not just the past year.
  15. My Posts

    I think there should be a quick link on every page (possibly even outside of the dropdown rather than in) which goes right to all of your content. On another site I'm always posting on you can easily get right to a listing of all of your past posts. With IPB first off you can't even get a listing of ALL posts as it cuts it off. Secondly, you can't click a link on any page and be right at all of your posts. Finding someone's past posts is so important that I think it should be separate from the other content and just be listing in a regular table filling the screen rather than in tabs. After posting on a site where it's easy to get one's past posts quickly (and thoroughly) it's more noticable how much better it is and that wth IPB it's not as accessible and obvious.