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  1. Great! Where do I run those commands from? I figured out where to run it. It worked! Thank you so much! :)
  2. Yes, I was including code. My ibf_profile_portal_views is corrupt and not repairing. I'll open another ticket without code.
  3. I'm trying to open a ticket, and it keeps saying I'm blocked after I click submit. Is there a problem? Says this: www.invisionpower.com - Access Denied Error code 15 This request was blocked by the security rules 2015-11-13 18:05:51 UTC Your IP |Proxy IP199.83.131.202(ID 1032) Incident ID: 32000360057177075-147360465366811206
  4. I logged into my admincp and am running ipb 3.4.6. It says I need to upgrade, however the auto upgrade feature is gone. What happened?
  5. I've been paying for support since they started charging many years ago, and I have no intention of canceling. It's worth it.
  6. When choosing forum software, I chose the best I could find. After much research, I went with Invision for obvious reasons. They are the leader, and continue to make their product better each year. While I understand Invision has their own CMS, it's not the "leader". It's great for some applications, however not most. I still consider WordPress to be the leader in the CMS market. Out of the CMS market, WordPress has 66% marketshare. Joomla comes in second at 10%. The support and development behind WP is amazing, the options for themes, widgets, plugins, etc is nearly endless. I believe
  7. Is it possible to do this without a 3rd party hook?
  8. That's right, I remember that now. I sure hope they offer this service in the near future.
  9. First, thank you for being the leader in forum software. I've been using IPB since the beginning, and it's great. The biggest concern I have is ensuring my database is always available. I have 13+ years worth of forum data, and when performing upgrades, installing hooks, etc, I'm always concerned about corrupting the db. Yes, I have backups, and I've had to restore from backups. Unfortunately restoring from a backup can take several hours. The biggest feature request I have is ensuring my data is available. Perhaps it's possible to somehow take db snapshots? What if there was a s
  10. Brandon - this forum has over 1 million posts, and no Sphinx? Nice! My forum has 1.3 million posts and I have to use Sphinx. Does IPS plan on developing a more robust search engine? I don't like using third party add-ins if I don't have to.
  11. iOS & Android of course. I'd rather my members support IPB over tapatalk.
  12. I greatly dislike the fact that I have to keep updating my forum with the latest tapatalk code. I would much rather my members use the IPB app, however tapatalk unfortunately does a better job -- what I'm being told by my members. Are there any plans to create a better IPB app that is more comparable to tapatalk? If so, once it's available I'll gladly remove all tapatalk code. Until then, I'm stuck with them. Thanks.
  13. Again, as long as IPB builds the structure, it's up to us to ensure we keep up with additional SEO techniques. IPB isn't going to build a be-all end-all to SEO, but just bake in the basics. Link backs, content, site speed, timeouts, etc all factor in.
  14. Nice! :) IPB is by far the best product out there. If you guys can truly bake SEO into your product, you will certainly jump ahead of the competition even further. Keep up the great work!
  15. For those requesting proof - http://www.vbseo.com/f30/progress-report-http-www-cashgamers-net-forums-23098/ vBSEO is geared towards creating SE friendly communities. Creating a forum/site with SEO in mind is not magic and there are no secrets. It's simply taking the time to learn the standards. vBSEO has laid it all out rather nicely. H1 tags certainly need to be limited to no more than 1 per page. Personally, I prefer to use only H2 when necessary. RSS in the header should not affect SEO - simply based upon my own research. Perhaps we can limit access denied pages
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