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  1. I'm considering upgrading to IPB 4, however was curious if there is a portal option as well? I'd like to have my site come up like this: http://www.botl.org/ Where it shows the recent topics, members online, register here, etc, opposed to just going right to the forum. Is this possible without addons? I'd rather not have to use IP Content if possible. Thanks.
  2. Is version 4 fully supported?

    Sounds good, thanks for the reply. My board is pretty much out of the box, as I don't have any custom hooks or addons.
  3. I've been holding off from upgrading my 15 year old forum (3.4.x), but would like to proceed. Before I do, is the current version fully supported, and considered stable? Thanks.
  4. What SEO improvements are in 4?

    Not really sure what specifically I can ask. My concern is that two other forum platforms (which are both well known) tend to rank significantly higher than me. We all have forums which are of the same topic, and mine is the oldest. I have over 1 million posts, and have been active for nearly 15 years. My topics rank on page 2 or 3 consistently, while the other forums rank at the top of page 1 consistently. Content is similar, except that my threads (which I've compared) have more genuine content including images (this is a content seo plus). I used to rank extremely well with ipb v2. I noticed a huge drop in rankings and traffic with v3. I hope that v4 has the same type of "seo" built into it as does your other two competitors. This isn't just me, I see the issue I'm having being the norm among many IPB v3 communities. My core site is on WordPress. I performed some tests where I wrote a brief article similar to a thread on a competitors site, and I was able to rank my article just above or below their listing on google page 1. I still believe IPB is the best forum software out there, it just needs some improvement in regards to seo.
  5. Hello, I'm curious if you can write a blog article about what SEO improvements have been (or are going to be) put into version 4? Please don't say content is everything, because it's not. :) I oftentimes compare my site to similar competitors, and my threads will have far more relative content with pictures, etc, and rank on page 2 or 3 while the competitor (who uses your competitors forum software) ranks high on page 1. There are many other factors that go into SEO. So far IPB 4 is looking really nice! Thanks in advance for any info you can provide in regards to SEO improvements.
  6. IP Board 4.0

    This is a very smart method! That way, if the upgrade fails, you can always fall back to your previous version. Good idea.
  7. I've been paying for support since they started charging many years ago, and I have no intention of canceling. It's worth it.
  8. When choosing forum software, I chose the best I could find. After much research, I went with Invision for obvious reasons. They are the leader, and continue to make their product better each year. While I understand Invision has their own CMS, it's not the "leader". It's great for some applications, however not most. I still consider WordPress to be the leader in the CMS market. Out of the CMS market, WordPress has 66% marketshare. Joomla comes in second at 10%. The support and development behind WP is amazing, the options for themes, widgets, plugins, etc is nearly endless. I believe Invision should focus on creating some WP widgets that integrate the two. Perhaps an authentication bridge, and also a way of creating threads from articles, etc. There are a lot of ways to integrate the two leaders. WP has a popular plugin called bbpress, it's their version of a forum. It's not nearly as powerful as IPB, which is why I stick with IPB. Everyone has their niche. Become friends, and you guys could seriously grab even more marketshare. Just a suggestion...
  9. Is it possible to do this without a 3rd party hook?
  10. Database backup service.

    Just curious if any update or progress has been made?
  11. That's right, I remember that now. I sure hope they offer this service in the near future.
  12. First, thank you for being the leader in forum software. I've been using IPB since the beginning, and it's great. The biggest concern I have is ensuring my database is always available. I have 13+ years worth of forum data, and when performing upgrades, installing hooks, etc, I'm always concerned about corrupting the db. Yes, I have backups, and I've had to restore from backups. Unfortunately restoring from a backup can take several hours. The biggest feature request I have is ensuring my data is available. Perhaps it's possible to somehow take db snapshots? What if there was a second database that got replicated every night, which would at least provide one good backup daily. You could only go back 1 day, with just a few clicks. I'm not a programmer, however this is just a feature request that I think would be beneficial to many. Not sure how you would design such a system, but certainly would be nice. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.
  13. Any idea when the backup service will launch? I've been looking for something like this for years! Rather than having to perform regular mysqldump's, this method would be so much easier. I am really looking forward to a live automated backup solution such as this, as my database has 12+ years worth of posts and is very important to my site. Thanks.
  14. Sphinx

    Brandon - this forum has over 1 million posts, and no Sphinx? Nice! My forum has 1.3 million posts and I have to use Sphinx. Does IPS plan on developing a more robust search engine? I don't like using third party add-ins if I don't have to.
  15. Hi, i'm considering buying another forum which has been online since 1997, and has 2.7 million posts. It runs on vB 3.7.3. If I buy the forum, I would want to convert it to IPB. Would it be possible to convert a forum that large? If so, how long would it take to convert? Thanks.