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  1. it doesn't happen all the time, and do you think just maybe you haven't experienced it because you haven't looked for it. it you don't try to reply to EVERY topic then you might not ever see it happen
  2. shouldn't matter what browser I use, If its an issue in any of them then the issue should be fixed so it doesn't happen at all. I don't use and I don't have other browsers installed as I like how I can customize Firefox and I don't have a use for other browsers.
  3. i dont have that addon for firefox
  4. if any changes are made to this please make it as an option as I want my users to know when I edit a record as that tells them hey I might of changed something to it and they might want to check it out and see
  5. currently this is how things look when you are in a topic and you might want to reply to it. click it and add your reply, sure no problem if it opens fully for you. this should be open by default like the fast reply used to be. now sometimes the box does not fully open at all this happens. this is so annoying, I want to reply to the topic and now can't because there is no place to enter any text and you cant see anything you might type, if the box was just open by default then this issue would go away. now I have another part related to this as well, in 3.4.x you could reply to the topic all you wanted and the page would stay on the last page that loaded, now in 4.0 once you reach the post count limit per page a new page is made and it takes you to it and you start this process all over again with the reply box. This issue could also be mute if the reply box was fully open by default.
  6. I dont think you can say there is a quick reply anymore with 4.0. you get this box that says Reply to this topic... when clicking there you either get 1 of 2 things happen, the reply box actually opens correctly and you can reply just fine, or the other annoying option the box opens not fully just the add attachment option opens up and you cant type any text in the box. If the box is not open by default then I don't call it a Quick Reply as the idea of Quick Reply is you can type in your reply and hit submit reply. It would be nice if the box was open by default in topics, i have a forum I use that replies come in quick that it is easy to reply to once you have actually replied once as the box is open after that first reply, but closes again if you have to change the page. in 3.4.x there was this nice feature if you were posting and hit the end of the post mark per page it would keep posting on that page for you and would only show the pages if you refreshed. but now it pages after your reply, kinda gets annoying that way
  7. never was a customer of theirs but still at least we dont have those types here and what you are doing is leasing the license for 6 months
  8. I dont know if vbulletin is the same way they used to be, but I know that they had a policy with their versions, if you did not renew your license you couldnt use their software at all. be happy they allow you to use what you pay for. i dont expect them to give me access to download to something i am no longer a client for. if your license is expired then you are not considered a client and lose permission to download is it fair to give you something that your not a client anymore to get? kinda like what woodsman has said above. Have you ever bought something from the store and installed it and then later the disc brake? do you expect them to give you another disc? as I know of several times I was SOL and had to go rebuy the game again so I could keep playing. This is why I go for games on steam or games that dont require the disc to play now. you get what you pay for, you knew when you purchased that you were able to download at will and get FREE upgrades until the license expires, then you either pay to renew to keep it or you dont renew and you lose it. I download each update no matter if I am going to use it and I back it up so I still have it and if I lose it I still have a backup copy. Its like they tell us about our forums, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!!. if you didnt download it while you could then that is your own fault. The TOS is very clear on how things run here.
  9. you have access to what you paid for as long as you license is valid, once expired downloads are cut off. It has always been this way. you should of downloaded what you could before your license was set to expire
  10. I just checked as a US member all my forums show the date in the UK setting with no way to fix this, I have just installed the plugin that was attached earlier in the the thread and it still shows incorrectly. hovering over it does show the correct format but it does not display correctly at all on 4.0.7 this is the setting below and how it shows in post and on the forum index, no matter what i change it displays the same way and yes I have hard refreshed to see if the changes are there and nothing
  11. (What's New, Most Downloaded and Most Downloaded) shouldn't it say (What's New, Highest Rated and Most Downloaded) is there a way we can get this to work with Featured Download as well?
  12. I was just thinking the same thing, i remember when i was on shared hosting I was limited to 50,000 files, at 5 images per gallery image that will eat away quick at those with limited resources allowed to be used on their hosting plan. now im still trying to figure out how to find the image path of an gallery image so I can link the image pages database.
  13. ​maybe you should GO READ IT YOURSELF so now what were you saying? next time butt out
  14. how crazy to make us upgrade to a new version just for a security update. bring back the upgrade packs so we can just upload the changed files and run the upgrade then. I cant stand these new versions every week, I havent even updated my live site yet as we are running test still on what we need to do after upgrade and then we get hit with another update UGH!!!!!!!!
  15. the custom bbcode i used was just to post a frame of a url into post. i went and looked all my post were changed to the new method but I cant get new post to work like that when trying to create it the new way i take my old bbcode info and put it into a new button and i just get a frame with a not authorized to use this instead of a frame of the page I would plug in. also there seems to be an issue with buttons, if you try to save it with anything other than inline it wont save.
  16. sorry for bumping this old topic but this seems to be still and issue, i just upgraded an old test board of mine after running all the background process that were to be ran. bbcode on my forum dont work at all. I have a custom bbcode on the forum that I use on almost every post and now all my post are broke because if not working, I cant even find anywhere in the acp like before where we could edit bbcode
  17. still working on getting it upgraded myself I seem to be only one who gets issues during upgrade for the pages app because of the size of my database. beta 7/7a was a wash for me the upgrade just fails so now we try again with beta 8
  18. This is how my ACP currently looks in 3.4.x when I view manage records for my database in 4.0 this is now how it looks as you can see it has removed all the filed display from view and now it shows me last modified date and category if any. I cant sort it, and search now can only be done by title. I have over 36,000 records in this database alone that I am constantly in there daily updating records for. I could simply just click on the record number and it would take me to that record where I could edit it, this option is removed as long with everything else. makes the app totally useless for me If this remains I think 4.0 is not for me as it totally removes all the reasons I started using the pages app for.
  19. going by all the issues with beta 6 i would think a beta 7 will come next.
  20. ya thanks Rhett i still feel a bit jipped but seems your working with me well and explaining it more as we talk, just hard to take in all the money I put out for licenses that I am now being told that actually never were what I thought I had all these years on my account that even showed this
  21. I feel screwed over right now. they converted 2 of my 4 licenses. and changed the one that I still actually use. the problem being is the app suites are due for renewal in 3 days at what was a cost of $35 now they added one my converted licenses to the suite and now I have to pay $60 to renew everything for 6 months.. the conversion was supposed to come with 6 months free.. on top of that I got only $60 credit for each conversion. I am being told the other 2 were only yearly licenses when I view them they clearly say Perpetual and the other says Lifetime. are expired and will be deactived on my account. I know for a fact they are those as well as they are what I paid for.
  22. why should I? unlike some of you the security email arrived AFTER I came here to read about the issues and couldnt log in, 2 hours after I sent the password change requests the emails arrived, and then the security email arrives... talk about a delay. All I said was it does not work the way he said, if you do the lost password request it does not do as posted it sends you a password to use not makes you pick one.
  23. I wasnt here at the start but I own several licenses a few of them expired and of no use anymore, but I still do own 1 lifetime license and 3 perpetual licenses. I remember the initial cost was only $49 for a basic license or the perp license was $185? I know the cost was over $100 I just cant remember what the exact cost on them were back then. the lifetime license were not offered anymore when I first paid for my license, but I did gain one from someone after a couple years, along with a few other licenses. I understand fully what they are saying our legacy licenses will be at the end of their life once ips 4 comes out since it is a NEW product, they are offereing us to convert our current license to the new structure give us 6 months free and a credit that is good for up to 2 years for each? I will glady convert all my licenses that are legacy, if they allow me, but if they tell me Im not able to do so then Im not sure I can give my support to this company anymore. I am happy with the current product and will stick with it If I have to but i refuse to pay for a new license to be able to use the new forum product from there out.
  24. this is not correct as I just used the lost password request and it sent me a new password I was not given an option to pick one for myself
  25. need my trash can back, i could care less about the soft delete or hard delete stuff, i dont trust anybody to delete anything, i have 1 forum that nobody can see where all deleted post go that only i see, and now anybody that can,can delete post forever, not good
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