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  1. File Name: IPS Company Forums Emoticons File Submitter: Brandon C File Submitted: 07 May 2006 File Category: Emoticons This emoticon pack features 80 high-quality emoticons. These emoticons are the same emoticons that are used on the IPS Company Forums. Enjoy! :) Click here to download this file
  2. Aww thanks for thinking of me! :) I know it will definitely give me an insight into the colleges I want to apply to. Wish I could meet you in the city! ;) I'll be in the city at the end of June and the majority of July though, so I'll see you up there if you come then! :)

  3. Hey Sue! How have you been? I'll be in the city in two weeks.

  4. Hey Andy! I'm doing well, and yourself?

  5. I am attending the first session, which is from June 29 to July 19, 2008. I'm also using this program as an aide to help get me into Columbia College? Do you think it will help?

  6. Hey Sue, I'm doing well, how are you? Yesterday, I received my letter of acceptance into Columbia University's NYC Summer Program for High School Students!!!!! :D I'm so excited and can't wait for it! It's a three week program, and my course is NYC: An Urban Case Study, where I will be studying how NYC started as a colonial outpost and transformed into

  7. Hey Sue! Yes, I'm extremely ready for Christmas, although I'm not ready for next week as I have exams next week. However, after that, I'll be pleased to be on Winter break. :)

  8. I like your new profile picture as well! :)

  9. Hey Sue :) Hope you're doing well. Talk to you later tonight!

  10. hey, gee thanks! you don't have a bad avatar there yourself! :P wonder where you got yours... ;)

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Hey Sue! :) Long time, no talk! How have things been with you?

  13. I know it's an image, but before, it took more than a few seconds to load. Somehow, however, it's now fixed.

  14. You should really remove that hanging PNG from your signature (underneath your FWS banner), as it won't load and it just causes the page to keep loading. Just thought you should know that. :P

  15. Happy Birthday Andy! :)

  16. Happy Birthday Garcia!

  17. There he is! :P How've you been, Aaron? Long time, no see.

  18. Happy 16th Birthday sog! :)

  19. thanks for stalking me, mike. i hope you feel good in your actions that you do.
    "yeah, i'm shutting it down"... @_@

  20. it's*
    and "let go" from this forum? heh. i'm through wasting my time with you.

  21. Learn to spell correctly, Mr. No Name, then come back with your remarks.

  22. *continued from cutoff from previous comment*.... that displays your level of intelligence. So I'll ask you again for a third time: Who are you?

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