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  1. Matt


    I would suggest that you send in a ticket via your client center. If your support has expired, you'll need to renew that first.
  2. Started to add this in. Means I have to finish it ;)
  3. Ah, that's a good idea to add an option to "Flag as spam" when managing the validating queue. I'll try and get this in for 3.0.3
  4. There's no need to forward a copy anymore, you can just invite them into the conversation. Is there a legitimate need to forward a copy? I ask without sarcasm. If there's a genuine need then we can consider adding it.
  5. Matt

    Nice Job

    Bear! How are you? PM me! :D
  6. Regarding the very first post: You have options now to allow a grace period for renewals. This means you can allow, say, 2 days for a renew to take place before demoting the member. You can also allow one to renew a package earlier than their expiration date. With regards to RC2: I'm working on it today. I'm hoping to have it wrapped up this week and final out soon after. RC 2 will be considered stable and we'll support it.
  7. It's a fine line. Some people see an alpha product and judge it completely there and then even though it most likely has an unfinished interface and missing functionality. Typically we perform closed alpha testing and open it up to customers when most of the bigger issues have been fixed.
  8. Matt

    IP Addresses

    Yeah. I've thought about this a few times. After a few months the 'ip_address' is almost pointless for most users. Although the posts show the IP Address used for that post, if that helps and we have an IP look up tool that canl list all recorded IP addresses attached to a particular member.
  9. The only issue with deleting PMs and Posts is that deleting posts is incredibly expensive. You'd certainly have to loop via refreshes in batches of 100 posts or so, I'd say due to the attachments check, topic and forum rebuilds. One thing the report center does currently lack is data on the person who created the item that was reported. It would be lovely to have their details to hand with links to "Flag as spammer" and "Warn Member". But then, the report center is a recent addition and its bound to mature over time.
  10. Matt

    RTE for Safari

    Yeah, it's on our list. In the top half, I'd say. No firm idea when it will be added as we're still handling bigger issues.
  11. It depends on the product, really. We don't have anything in alpha testing right now so it's hard to give a definitive answer. In the case of IP.Board 3, we opened up a preview board and invited all our members and customers to visit it, find bugs in the public interfaces and give us feedback. Typically we start with a small group and work outwards as development progresses. In the very early days there are bound to be numerous bugs and having more than a handful of people just makes it difficult to track issues.
  12. The XML skin is one huge API, really. It's great for syndicating content and completely transforming how you display data.
  13. Kind of. Once in the report center, you can click on the topic link at the top of the report center's page. Once the topic has loaded, click the mini-profile pop-up button () and click the mark as spammer icon (it's the first one; it has a red flag). Assuming you've set up your ACP's settings for spam management to unapprove their recent posts, this is all you need to do. Routinely, say every day or so on a busy board, you can then log into the ACP, click on 'Manage Spammers' under the 'Members' tab and delete or ban the members and remove their posts in one go.
  14. Yes, sorry. We froze the download while we double checked everything was set. It's now been re-enabled.
  15. Matt

    A Compliment

    Thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to post this.
  16. Matt

    New staff avatars

    As Brandon noted, we will remove anyone's avatar if we feel they are trying to mimic staff. That's not because we're incredibly mean and selfish it's just that it gets confusing for others if at first glance you look like staff. If Brian doesn't have the time to create and release a generic logo free version then that should be respected.
  17. I will be around, don't wory. :) I can assist the techs if they need it and can deal with any critical issues if they arise.
  18. This is just a one off. sphinx.pdf
  19. Yeah, we have considered this. It wouldn't take too much effort to do although arguably each user will have access to the same data so I'm not entirely sure what the point would be. Both need access to members, posts, topics, forums, logs, etc. I can't think offhand of one table that isn't required by both systems.
  20. The two biggest obstacles are legacy issues and size issues. No one with more than 500k posts is going to want to run queries to update or move the posts to a new system. It could potentially take hours to complete. Another consideration is size. Some operating systems impose a 4gb limit on a single file. We've had some customers who've hit this problem with the datafile for their posts table. Lumping all 'post' type data into one table will only exacerbate the issue further. You'll also have locking issues if a lot of applications are constantly reading writing to a single large table as well as maintaining indexes required for full text searching. It's one of those normalization theories that is sound but limited by the back-end software.
  21. We are aware of the tracker category and have scheduled in some time to fix them. The pressing priorities are 3.0.2 (and all apps) along with MSSQL and the subscriptions manager. None of the bugs are critical and affect the ability to view information or make purchases. On a personal level, there's nothing more annoying than being criticized with an exaggeration. :)
  22. This occasionally happens in IE7. A refresh should fix it. We've never been able to reproduce this reliably enough to look into it any further.
  23. This is almost solely bug fixes and efficiency improvements. And better Sphinx support.
  24. In all fairness, there is nothing stopping you from downloading all the resource articles while you have access and make your own offline archive. If you want access to the customer forums, resources articles and support then you just need to pay the $30 renewal for another year's access. :)
  25. Thanks so much, that means a great deal to me personally. I'm going to print it out and hang it on my wall.
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