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  1. @TheJackal84 Please, if possible, add support for secondary groups for group promotions.
    Not only is this application awesome, its developer consistently implements feature suggestions that makes it fit perfectly with my community. This includes adding things such as: reportable messages, the ability for chatrooms to match the community theme, preventing users who need to acknowledge a warning from chatting, and many more. I have never worked with a more responsive developer. The application itself? Works flawlessly just as you would expect. I highly recommend it.
  2. I am considering purchasing, but I need the following functionality: User has a referral URL that they can give out to others; this URL is hashed and sets a cookie, ensuring a subsequent registration would result in a referral credit as "invited"; the ability to allow unlimited referrals or make them use "invites". Ability to only grant member points once the invited user creates x # of content (return on investment) Please advise if this is something you can do.
  3. @Martin A. Please add permission check functionality; for example, I want some groups to be able to only see the map, but not post markers.
  4. @TheJackal84 Please see PMs; I am reporting a potential security issue with this application.
  5. Please add support for promoting users into additional groups Perhaps, in this case, allow displaying another type of chart? Please add support for rules in order to take action when a user's balance is negative, or otherwise allow working with negative points.
  6. @SoftwareFactory Text within Spoiler BB Codes show as plain text on Discord. Discord supports spoiler tags, so this is maybe something that can be fixed.
    This application works well, but there are some minor changes I'd like to see. The ability to prevent users from using Discord for community logins. The graphic for Discord being changed to always appear in line with the default font awesome icons used in user settings. (fixed!) I have adjusted to five stars based on the responsiveness of the developer to suggestions and bugs!
    Works wonderfully, thank you!
    This addon is essential if your community makes extensive use of clubs.
    Works great, should be in core of IPS.
    Working great on 4.4
    Works exactly as expected.
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