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  1. @TheJackal84 I am having trouble with the profile gifts in thread view; the PROFILE GIFTS section shows when someone buys and has one on hand, but the gift itself isn't displaying within it.
  2. Just another reminder, I feel it is critical to be able to add/remove additional groups rather than change primary group. I am potentially willing to fund (give additional monies) for the quick release of this feature if need be.
  3. @SoftwareFactory There is a visual breadcrumb bug. Please fix the bread crumbs so that "Invites" and the magic invite name are separated. eg. There should be another ">" after invites.
  4. With WebAuthN now being an established standard, and with Apple finally including support for it in iOS13, it is now supported by all major browser vendors. It is also more secure than existing 2FA measures within the IPS Suite. I propose that IPS introduce official support for WebAuthN and U2F keys as a form of two factor authentication
  5. Sent you a update to it I confirm that the new patch fixes this problem; thank you!
  6. sent via PM seems to be fixed @TheJackal84 edit: page title is now gone, and it just says - <site name> when accessing the shop
  7. @TheJackal84I stand corrected; error upon selecting categories in shop. Can you send patch?
  8. seems to work, apologies for my response earlier, but the addon was previously completely broken on my board; i will adjust review accordingly. please if possible ping me when additional group support is added for promotions
  9. IPS removed it. I believe there were similar reports a few pages back in this thread.
  10. I left a five star review until my issue went ignored for almost an entire month, as I reported the issue on July 25th. I adjusted the review (deleted and reposted) after giving plenty of time to support my issue. This was not a feature request or an addition, but the fact that the application I paid for was totally broken on my board. It's one thing for an application that is free or community supported to have this sort of issue, but I am a paying customer. I've purchased multiple add-ons from you and to be without support when one completely refuses to function is a very frustrating experience. I have no issue updating my review when an appropriate fix is put out; my members love the application when it works. The problem is, right now, it doesn't. I've been in the dark for support on something I've paid for for my community, and a little "hey, things are rough right now, I'll address in approximately x timeperiod" would have been nice.
    The application was originally great for what it was, but due to the fact it is no longer working in my community (and others') since an update, and the total lack of support from the developer, I am altering my rating to one star until further notice. Developer fixed issue; add-on now works properly as expected and is enjoyed by my community. Will grant 5 stars when group promotion has additional group support.
  11. The lack of support, considering this is a paid add-on, is abysmal. The add-on is broken on my site as well as other users' sites and none of us have been answered.
  12. @TheJackal84 It has been many days; please address.
  13. I will be looking into adding more items etc but depending on the coding required will depend on if it will be a add-on, I will look into something along them lines This functionality is very common, and is also desired by my community. It is provided for in Xenforo's shop add-on, as well as many prior shop add-ons over IPS lifetime. Basically, graphical items for the post bit and profile. They can be purchased and traded. Users absolutely love them. The ability to re-arrange the display of these items, and to pick between, say, the top 10 of them to display in post-bit is lovely. I have also requested, multiple times, as have many other users, the ability to buy access to additional usergroups. We like to maintain one primary group (member or staff level) and do other privs as additionals. Finally, @TheJackal84, members shop is completely broken on my board and results in a Error: Call to a member function url() on array (0) error. I provided more information in PM to you yesterday.
  14. Clean install fails. 1S111/1 Table '492_profile_backgrounds' already exists
  15. @TheJackal84 Please, if possible, add support for secondary groups for group promotions.
    Not only is this application awesome, its developer consistently implements feature suggestions that makes it fit perfectly with my community. This includes adding things such as: reportable messages, the ability for chatrooms to match the community theme, preventing users who need to acknowledge a warning from chatting, and many more. I have never worked with a more responsive developer. The application itself? Works flawlessly just as you would expect. I highly recommend it.
  16. I am considering purchasing, but I need the following functionality: User has a referral URL that they can give out to others; this URL is hashed and sets a cookie, ensuring a subsequent registration would result in a referral credit as "invited"; the ability to allow unlimited referrals or make them use "invites". Ability to only grant member points once the invited user creates x # of content (return on investment) Please advise if this is something you can do.
  17. Wolf

    Member Map

    @Martin A. Please add permission check functionality; for example, I want some groups to be able to only see the map, but not post markers.
  18. @TheJackal84 Please see PMs; I am reporting a potential security issue with this application.
  19. Please add support for promoting users into additional groups Perhaps, in this case, allow displaying another type of chart? Please add support for rules in order to take action when a user's balance is negative, or otherwise allow working with negative points.
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