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  1. Matt

    Matt / Charles

    Of course you did. Once you start a public rant that compares us to Nazis, the best course of action is to keep quiet on any details that back up your complaint. ;) Regardless, I see no way to move foward and will lock this topic. I have nothing further to say either publicly or via PMs. Jawohl
  2. Matt

    Matt / Charles

    A couple of days ago? I got a PM from you yesterday evening at 5:30pm my time which was after I had left work for the day. I try and reply to PMs where possible but it might take a day or so to get a response. For the record, I remember you very well. Oh yes. I remember you very well indeed. We had quite an interesting time, didn't we?
  3. Why do we need to take a closer look? My eyesight is fine.
  4. There were just so many changed files. It would be easier just telling you what wasn't changed. We can provide a DIFF but our repo contains everything including blog, gallery, downloads, etc. It would be a pain to go through it and manually remove those items.
  5. Matt

    IPS Site Spammers

    We have stuff in the pipeline for spammers. Watch this space. Well, figuratively speaking.
  6. Yeah, we tweaked search and somewhere along the multiple SVN commits some code went missing. I fixed that. I still have a few other things to tinker with. FTR, 3.0.1 contains the 'fixed' version of search.
  7. Easy, tiger. I don't think name calling is required. :) If you use PayPal, non-recurring and set up lifetime or permanent subscriptions and only get a few each month then the chances are you aren't affected by any bugs.
  8. Date bug is definitely fixed. E-checks now definitely work.
  9. One more beta then an RC. I don't think many people are going to test it properly until they use it on their website properly. The best I can do is make sure it all hangs together correctly and then dive in and fix up whatever is reported as quickly as I can.
  10. I have a few more I want to add. Android is one, Opera Mini is another and another little smartphone web browser 'Bolt' which is getting some popularity. Unsure if this will be a 3.0.1 thing, though. Might add a way to import/export groups via XML. That would be handy dandy.
  11. What formats would you like them archived as? I think that only XML or HTML is possible at this stage. It's slightly more involved now that they are conversations, though.
  12. Matt

    Permissions bug?

    I would imagine that for whatever reason, permissions have been removed for the member groups.
  13. I've made some changes to the system for 3.0.1 which can be seen on this board now. We'll continue to refine and work on the search as the product matures.
  14. I have Ikonboard 2.3 alpha on my desktop still. Never released. It was written before the 3.0 recode was started.
  15. Yes, just note down their details and you can manually add their transaction at a later date.
  16. When did you upgrade from 2.3.6 on your live board? Was it at RC 1 or later? There is a good reason for asking.
  17. Matt

    PHP Environment

    I think it's worth pointing out that we fixed John's problem this morning. It was because his session table wasn't clearing. ccmarsig - feel free to submit a ticket or check the number of rows in your sessions table. If there's loads then let us know.
  18. Ah-hem. I'm going to be packaging it up for QA today.
  19. You can edit the email template easily enough to add a note to 'not reply to this email because...'
  20. That's great to hear. Thanks so much for sharing!
  21. Final stage guys. Should have something to release later this week.
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