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  1. Ok, that's done. From 3.0.4 you can use: $postClass->setBypassPermissionCheck( true ); And it will not bother you with user based permission errors. It still ensures you sent across a proper user and that the forum is capable of receiving a topic/reply/edit.
  2. Yeah, I like it. Just changed it now for 3.0.4
  3. A reasonable request. I'll add it in for 3.0.4.
  4. This is precisely why we created alternate contacts. Most of our business customers have a licensed purchased by someone deep in accounts and they add their tech staff as alternate contacts. They can issue tickets and view downloads and resources directly related to the products you assign to them. If you need a hand setting them up, fire off an email to customer service and we'll set them up for you.
  5. Just added that back in for 3.0.4 (locally). You're welcome.
  6. Seriously, this has come up many times before and it all boils down to what kind of forum you run. What use would we have for large obtrusive topic icons here? I can't think of many to be honest that would contribute something useful to the display. If you have a forum on tech, then I guess it makes some small sense but clear writing and an appropriate topic title should negate the need for imagery to reinforce the topic's point. For example: Apple releases updated iMac line New features spotted at Facebook Seems a little pointless to me.
  7. Our biggest mistake was leaving the oven on when we went out shopping.
  8. I'll move this to our feedback forum so that other community members can reply. We don't modify skins ourselves but I know there are many skinners who visit this site who may be able to help.
  9. That's great to hear, thank you very much for taking the time to post your experience.
  10. Multiple subscriptions is a feature for 1.1 or beyond. It will require a fair amount of code re-shuffling. I'm hoping to have subs manager final out Monday or Tuesday. I've only had to make a few edits but I want to ensure that it's tested well before releasing it.
  11. Feedback noted. It's a shame we've gotten off on the wrong foot. If you've nothing further to add, then I'll close this topic in case it gets out of hand.
  12. Tom, I honestly do not know what else to say. If you wish to make an official complaint, then you are welcome to email us.
  13. Sorry, would quickly like to address this: The point being that if the conversion department has 5 conversions that need to be performed ahead of your ticket which was just asking a question, then you will have to wait longer than if it went into sales. Generally speaking, there are more people active in sales and technical support and tickets are turned around faster in those departments.
  14. Well, I don't think I can say anymore. I've stated my case which I think is reasonable. I'm genuinely sorry for the way that you feel. :)
  15. I sincerely don't wish to antagonize but I would like to respond to the points raised here. Firstly, we do not ignore anyone. Our ticket system generally sorts by the oldest first. It's not like we see tickets and deliberately ignore them. We just work them in order. I think that a 17 hour turnaround on a conversion query is acceptable given the nature of the request. As mentioned above, you can call us if your site is down and this pages our hosting team. That's 24/7. You can also mark tickets as "Critical" if they genuinely are. This ensures that vital issues are taken care of ASAP. It's one click to remove the critical flag and another to remove that ability from a customer if it is abused. There is no way you can have "cheap", "fast" and "good". With all due respect I think that you are getting good service for the $0.66/day you're paying for your hosting account.
  16. I'm sorry you feel that way. As stated in our standards of service page, we ask that you allow a 48 hour window for a reply. Of course, if it is urgent then you can make use of the 'Critical Issue' flag in the client center. This is for people who have a critical issue like their board is down, etc. I have looked up your ticket and I see that it was a general question regarding conversion that you chose to send into the Conversions and Transfers department. Ideally, that would have gone to sales as the C&T department is manned by fewer staff members than the technical support and sales departments. I realise that it's not abundantly clear but generally unless it is a matter dealing with an ongoing conversion or you are scheduling a conversion then you shouldn't need to send a ticket directly to it. If you would like faster guaranteed response times then you could consider purchasing a business license.
  17. I'm actually currently implementing it with a default value of 365 but I'm doing it like this: It'll grab the user's last post (ibf_members.last_post) and then go back X days (last_post - ( 86400 * setting ). If there is no last post stored, it just uses the current timestamp to fire off the most efficient query. As expected, it didn't make any different locally. Will be interesting to see what it does on the company forums. This will be in 3.0.4
  18. You mean the subscriptions manager you can download from your client center? Or another one we're not aware of? ;)
  19. Just tested, and it's fine here.
  20. Yes, we'll do that within the next few days as part of the beta testing.
  21. Hello, The blog is an application that plugs-into IP.Board. There is no way to run the blog without an installed IP.Board. It was never designed to be a standalone product. :)
  22. We are very much tied to MySQL's fulltext search. We have no control over that. However, boolean searching *is* broken in 3.0.2 (by boolean, I mean when you search for "hello +there"). This is fixed in 3.0.3.
  23. Indeed, this reinforces the need to ensure you are only handing out moderation privileges to those who can be fully trusted and who take reasonable measures to secure their own accounts.
  24. I have been thinking about this a lot, actually. Nothing will be changed for 3.0.3 as we're close to wrapping that up but I do have a few ideas. My first one was to set a flag to note that a skin needs recaching instead of actually recaching it. This would mean that when the skin is loaded, it would check to see if it needs recaching first and if so, then recache it. This effectively distributes the caching over several page loads. The downside is that there may be times where an instant recache of one skin is required. I'll have to look into it more before committing code changes. Most likely we'll introduce the flag system along side the instant recache system.
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