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  1. Yes, when users have permission to post HTML, the auto cleaning is bypassed as Matt advised:
  2. Thanks Matt for your excellent advice, which is perfect. By the way, I am answering your question: I had added Source Dialog plugin from CKEditor using Add Button. But now I see that I didn't have to do that because Invision community is smart enough to show(or add) the Source button when a user has permission to post HTML. I did not know that. Thanks for your strong support. On top of that, I also added Table of Contents plugin from CKEditor using Add Button and it works well under the permission.
  3. Invision Community seems to automatically remove id or name property in html element. Without id property, it seem not possible to put internal links in the same article. ie, I would like to make it possible to write an article (or database record) like: In this topic <a href='#step1'>1. Registratio'</a> <a href='#step2'>2. Installation</a> ... <h2 id='step1'>1. Registration</h2> .... <h2 id='step1'>2. Installation</h2> .... But Invision community removes automatically: id ='step1' id='step2' Can I get any help?
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