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  1. I don't think that it's fair for me to adjust pricing for all clients just because one payment processor (out of multiple) has thrown out a major price increase of +3% for our use case. I wish to continue to deliver the same value and services for the same price whenever possible 🙂 I don't want to punish our clients for a decision made by PayPal if possible. But if they still wish to use it, they can of course pay a part of the additional costs we make for using paypal (compared to other services like stripe). I would say that charging 3% more to paypal users would be fair considering the price increase for withdrawal are increased with 3%. Also, in regard to the point. It states in my local version of the user agreement that it may only be done if law allows (Which it does over here, as it's illegal for one party to dictate the pricing of another party) and that they "discourage" using of difference pricing (Where I actually agree as this is not the best option. But when a party is around 6% I'm willingly to charge more to clients around 3% extra for new clients. It's a bit more subtle 🙂 I know it's common practice in my country to charge more for clients that wish to use paypal. (Note: It's not that something is wrong with a party having a fee, I'm happy to pay it. But at a certain point it can be too much. At around 6+% for all transactions that's definitely the case). Here the google translate version of the local user agreement:
  2. Hi! I would like to see an option to charge money for using a partular payment method. The reason that some payment methods tend to get more expensive over time (Paypal does that quite a bit and demands a higher cut with regular intervals). Some insight into our payment flow with clients: - Client places purchase (Around a 3% fee) - This fee depends on the country and is an approximation. - We withdraw money in USD (3% fee. As that is not the home country, but we use it for payments to international partners) Effectively making out transfer costs around 6% and I'm not willingly to eat a fee larger than 3.5% for payment processing without calculating this directly to the client. That said, I want to give our clients also the option to not be charged the additional fee if they choose an alternative payment method. As of such it would be nice to have the ability to add a fee for usage for a specific payment option. 🙂
  3. Thinking about starting the new year with IPB... it's been a while.

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