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  1. Hey @stu_m, any recommendations you have that I can look into once I outgrow this host? And are you on shared hosting or dedicated? Thanks again!
  2. The hosting isn't bad (Siteground's GoGeek plan). Just a technical holdup for now.
  3. Thanks so much @Jim M. I updated the forum access details. Really appreciate you taking a look!
  4. Thank you for the response @Jim M. I did have the Task Method as Run Automatically, which should be enough based on traffic, but I enabled it via cron (every minute) a few hours ago to hopefully get things moving, but it didn't make a difference. I started the archiving yesterday and it hasn't budged in about 24 hours, so I'm thinking something is holding it up, somewhere. And I'll likely be moving to a dedicated server in the next few months, so that won't be an issue for long. But archiving should take care of it for the time being. 8.1MB out of 700+ seems very low, considering the high percentage of posts that are supposed to get archived.
  5. Hey everyone. I tried everything I could think of within my tech limit. Normally I'd like to create a support ticket first, but I need to get this resolved ASAP before hosting jumps in (was given 3 days to sort, and today is day 2 or 3). My SQL Databases are allowed up to 1,000 MB per Database. I am at 1,391 MB for my forums database, and most of this is due to forums_posts, which is 712.7MB (next closest is core_achievements_log at 147.8 MB). I setup archiving in a remote database, thinking it would take care of the issue. It's supposed to archive 64% of posts with the parameters I set, but only 8.1 MB moved the remote database. No matter what I tweak, nothing is changing in terms of filesize in the DB. Any other assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fam!
  6. DDMike

    TXT & PHP Widget

    Love the plugin and it's exactly what I need. But I haven't updated to IPS 4.6 yet due to compatibility concerns. Any idea if this plugin is compatible or if it will be updated if not. Thank you!
  7. (Meant to send as PM -- Ignore)

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      We respond as soon as we have the opportunity. We can't be here around the clock.

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      Didn't expect you to. Whenever there's time.

  8. Thanks for your suggestion. I very well may have to do that. I've been using Fatcow the last few years.​ Any suggestions on a new host? ​I contacted them again, and they are telling me it's not possible since it's on a shared hosting account, and it's enabled server-side. If i wanted to with them, it would be $20 a month for a VPS.
  9. ​ I contacted my host, and they said I can disable mod_security through the .htaccess file. I asked what code I should add and they said I have to look it up on the internet, so not very helpful there. Anyways, I found this (below) and added it to the bottom of my website's htaccess , and the /forums directory .htaccess file. It didn't make a difference. <IfModule mod_security.c> SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </IfModule>
  10. ​ This is EgoDogg. I guess I was signed in with an older account I never used. Sorry for the confusion / worry!
  11. ​I had the same problem as you. My solution was to go to the Admin CP > System > Advanced Configuration > Friendly URLs (Tab) Scroll to the bottom, there are two that end with "/forum/id-??.xml" & "/forum/id-??.xml". You can edit out the "/forum/" and it should work fine. That was what i did in order to avoid moving everything.
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