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  1. A $35 app for something that XenForo has by default? :/ Speechless.
  2. @-RAW-, I just upgraded to the latest IPS version and after the upgrade I encountered this error in the ACP: I contacted IPS support and they told me to inform you the following in regards to the Awards app: Would you mind looking into this? Thank you.
  3. One month later: any updates?
  4. Funny thing: that's exactly what the developer who crashed my community said too. Then he told me he doesn't know how to fix it and that I should contact IPS support. They didn't know how to fix it either, so my host had to do it. There's an old saying in my country: "He that has been bitten by a serpent is afraid of a rope."
  5. Seeing how I had a faulty plugin literally crash my entire site yesterday and the developer offered very little help in fixing it (so that I had to contact my hosting company several times), you'll have to understand why I would rather wait for a pluging to be fully functional and bug-free before I install it. Please update this thread and tag me when the pokes plugin is completely safe. Thank you.
  6. So... is this plugin functional now? Can I install it?
  7. It would be cool if there was a way to select several polls to be alternated in the sidebar every time you refresh the page, like XenForo has...
  8. Does this work with this plugin? Are ignored topics removed from the Recent Topics Widget?
  9. There is nothing about it in the error logs in the ACP. I uninstalled the app and the site seems to have gone back to normal. No, I do not.
  10. I just installed the latest version and it completely crashed my website. I couldn't access it - it just gave me an error page. I had to uninstall it to be able to access my site again. Please look into this. I think the .tar file is corrupted.
  11. Strange how, on IPS 3.4, I used to have almost a hundred members poking each other thousands of times a day while hosting my community on a small shared hosting account, and never had any server issues... If attaching a macro mouse clicker thing is actually a problem (although who would ever think about doing that and why?), why not make it so that the admin can set a maximum number of consecutive pokes in the ACP? To be honest, I'm getting tired of daily complains from members who want their IPB 3 features back... None of the widgets for IPS 4 seem to do the same things as their equivalents from IPS 3...
  12. Just wondering about whether this app does not conflict with IPS' policy of not using the script to distribute copyrighted content. I assume that having an entire music library hosted on your site will attract a lot of DMCA reports from music houses and artists.
  13. @zbahadir, would you be willing to provide teraßyte with the code for your Recent Topics widget?
  14. Can you make this to work with the Recent topics widget? This widget (linked above) creates a list of the topics recently replied to, that updates in real time. On IPB 3, the hook for bumping topics would place the bumped topics in the recent topics list, not just bring them up in their respective forums. Your modification doesn't do that.
  15. I'd like to report an issue I just discovered regarding this app: if a member has a comma in their username, they cannot be given awards from the ACP. Typing their name and clicking 'send' leads to an error and their name is turned into two names. The app somehow considers that there are two separate members instead of one.
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