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  1. Why is an invitation code required to join your community? Isn't it free for anyone to register?
  2. Does InvisionCommunity allow the connection of the software to a database of copyrighted works in order to allow users to flag any attached file (from the entire suite) that is copyrighted and have the admins verify it before deleting it, according to the UE's Article 13? https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/eu-article-11-13-latest-gdpr-link-tax-internet-juri-censorship-a8407566.html
  3. Does it list the people who donated? Can non-members donate?
  4. Did nobody ask the "How do we explain not being able to reply to status updates directly from the sidebar to people?" question?
  5. Because you criticize the speed but you offer no solution for improving it.
  6. It's not allowed to talk about hosting providers on the IPS support forums, as far as I've been informed.
  7. Even if I disable a group from receiving reputation, it is still shown in the leaderboard. I just tested.
  8. ^ This. Is there a setting to remove certain usergroups? I don't want myself, as an owner, to be in the leaderboard because obviously, I will always have the most posts (seeing how I try to make my community active), and that discourages the users from competing for the first place. Please make it possible to restrict certain usergroups from being shown in the leaderboard.
  9. Seems to be pretty common on other forum software's (even the free ones) support forums... And no, "then use that other software" is not an acceptable answer. I don't know. Why do the mods from MyBB and phpBB do it for free? And there's not nearly as many of them as IPS has. Maybe because, if you have the knowledge and someone is asking a question that you know the answer to - here's an idea! - maybe you should try to help out. To impress your clients and make them want to spread the word about the software? To have them talk on admin forums about the quality of support they received from IPS? There are plenty of reasons.
  10. You know what else is not cool? Paying hundreds of dollars every six month and being completely ignored by the IPS staff on their support forums. I bet 90% of the staff members of this forum know how to make sparkly usernames. Has any of them replied to this thread? No. They can't be bothered to offer support unless you open a ticket. Anyways, does anyone know how to make this effect?
  11. A $35 app for something that XenForo has by default? :/ Speechless.
  12. which is irrational because IPS earns a share of the plugins' price. What is that share for?
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