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  1. Did nobody ask the "How do we explain not being able to reply to status updates directly from the sidebar to people?" question?
  2. How do I change the MySQL version according to what it says in this error message?
  3. They do if one of your admin goes crazy and decides to abuse power by flagging all the members as spammers while you're offline. You'd have to spend days to unhide all the posts of all the members. A tool to unhide all posts made by a member would be quite useful.
  4. What does this have to do with validating posts? Please read my initial post carefully. You are not addressing the problem I'm mentioning. 1. A member was flagged as spammer by an admin. 2. As a result of point 1, all the member's posts became hidden (all the posts that the member made since she joined my forum) 3. I can unhide them if I go to the member's profile and search her posts, but that requires me to unhide them one by one. 4. I am asking if there is a way to unhide all the posts at once. This has nothing to do with validating posts.
  5. I don't understand what you're asking. The posts are visible for staff and they are highlighted in red. They are hidden. I have to unhide them one by one, cause I don't see a way to mass unhide them.
  6. So, it seems that flagging a member as a spammer hides all their posts from public view and unflagging them doesn't unhide them. One of my admins flagged an active member as a spammer because of a misunderstanding and now this member's 1000+ posts are hidden. I have to manually unhide all of them. How do I mass unhide them?
  7. Even if I disable a group from receiving reputation, it is still shown in the leaderboard. I just tested.
  8. You should generate a full backup of your site and save it to your computer before upgrading.
  9. ^ This. Is there a setting to remove certain usergroups? I don't want myself, as an owner, to be in the leaderboard because obviously, I will always have the most posts (seeing how I try to make my community active), and that discourages the users from competing for the first place. Please make it possible to restrict certain usergroups from being shown in the leaderboard.
  10. This should REALLY be a plugin. @Adriano Faria, could you make it?
  11. I never got one? I don't even know what one is. My domains have worked fine for the past 3 years since I've been running forums, although I have never used NameCheap until now. A website is made out of a hosting server, a domain and a script. What the heck is a SSL? It turns out that the issue could be fixed by turning off the ssl support in the conf_global.php file.
  12. They told me: " To overcome this issue, please purchase a SSL certificate from a 3rd party SSL provider. " I bought the domain from namecheap. Where do I buy a SSL certificate from?
  13. I just had my hosting company move my forum to a new server and a new domain. I changed the url in conf_global, cleared the cache, and reset the license in my IPS account. Now, it is currently showing me this: If I click "Continue to this webpage, I can access the site and I can login into the ACP. Before I enter the license key into my ACP, how do I fix this issue?
  14. Any piece of advice would be useful. Thanks.
  15. So, I'm actually considering about re-branding my community and changing the domain name. I have never done this before, so I'm absolutely clueless in regards to what I have to do. Other than moving the full backup to a new server and changing the name servers, what files have to be edited for everything to work fine?
  16. My community has been the target of DDoS attacks recently and I'm considering using CloudFlare on my VPS. I have never used CloudFlare so far. Can anyone share any experiences about CloudFlare? Does it affect the forums' functionality? Can you uninstall it if you don't like it?
  17. A $35 app for something that XenForo has by default? :/ Speechless.
  18. Is there a way to delete all of a member's status updates at once without deleting the rest of their content?
  19. Welcome to the club. I've been asking this question for months...
  20. Is there any way to increase the length of the status updates displayed in the sidebar? I mean, the length of what is shown, so you don't have to go to the profile page of the members to read the entire status...
  21. Can you tell me how to increase the avatar size in topic view?
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