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  1. @InvisionHQ I would be very grateful if you can send it to me, also. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks! P.S. Sorry for stupid questions - i'm quit new with IPS and it's not easy to cover all possible functions of the platform
  3. Well... can't explain this ;( Somehow i was sure that i haven't seen it when setting up the app. Sberbank (Russia), Privat (Ukraine)
  4. Hello, /deleted/ And is that possible to add some local payment methods? Since we are not in NA, PayPal is not the most popular method. Thanks in advance for your feedback. P.S. And sorry if i post in a wrong topic.
  5. Can i suggest to add (in the future) Packages which will include not «days» but the "amount of ads"? It’s ok when user want to sell a few items from his stash - it’s free for them. But we see that shops owners start to place their product – it can be tens of adverts. So - they gain their profit, and site owner - don’t. So it will be great if we can set Packages in this way (or smh like this): 1-5 adverts per month - free 6-20 adverts per month - 10$ ... Unlimited – 50$
  6. Regarding Member Store: i understand how to enable and create Member Store but how/where to find it after that?? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, got the 1CL1/1 error when trying to award member from the AP. How to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, i don't see "Renew" button at iAwards page at the Marketplace. How can i upgrade my app to IPS 4.4 support? And can i send money from Visa not using Pay Pal? Thanks in advance!
  9. Sorry, didn't mention the date of the previous post with the same question (
  10. Hello, @opentype. When can we expect compatibility with 4.4? TIA
    Great plugin, but have some problems with sorting. When i change slides order at Customisation page using drag n drop, plugin doesn't show the latest slides in the slider. And yes, i tried different settings in admin cp. Regards, Maks
  11. Hello, @InvisionHQ when i click +Create at the header there are no "Award" inside. What can be the reason? TIA
  12. ​yes, as i remember, but normally i pay from visa
  13. Hello, can you tell - exactly what kind of legislation oblige one to provide passport details?? I've always think that visa deals is enough (( I'd like to buy "featured content" plag-in but don't want show this kind of information. IPB, for example, is happy only with card details...
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