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  1. All working ok for me so far with version 2.2.0 Beta 2. There is a spelling mistake when clicking on "Classifieds" in the menu bar. Once clicked it shows "Whishlist" instead of "Wish List".
  2. I like the idea of the colour changes, but please could you make it so its easier to understand what colours you can change. Ive been faffing with colours for the last 4 hours and knowing exactly what colours im actually changing and where is hurting my head. For example, my admin panel writing has turned white at the top of every page, only way i can see them is my highlighting the area with my mouse. Ive changed every colour other than white and still says the same, even when pressing support and clearing the cache, still white lol
  3. @Meddysong this has helped massively! Ive set up the Recipe database and had a play with it, made some errors and found how to fix them to enable me to get the look i wanted. Now i should be able to tweek this database to get what i want. Thank you ?
  4. Hi, Been away on holiday so couldn't get on this until now. So i dont want it live to people yet. I want to set it up in the back ground so i know its right, then publish to other users. This will be why people cannot see articles. Is there a process tree on how to make a page that i can then dissect to understand how this all works? Like, do i do a page then an article, database means what, does it only work with a standard theme as i currently use Agile 4.3.x. What i would like is a knowledge base which has repair guides, models of cars with detailed info and pics etc etc. How this all gets built from the Forum Admin area i dont know ..... God i feel like such a newbie ?
  5. Hi Sorry for the delay. So i see i have a database, and ive two articles, the initial "Welcome to Pages" & "MINI Gen 1" as a test. The instructions provided do not tell you what to do. What am i not seeing tht everyone else seems able to do? ?
  6. Bought this along with the pages add-on and im really struggling to get anything like the examples shown in the market place and in (https://www.opentype.space/supergrid/). I've tried following the guidelines in the pdf but something just isn't working right for me. What i do know is: Add on is installed template uploaded "Editing Database Articles" ive changed the templates to be Supergrid ive tried different pages / blocks and allsorts hoping to get what the package describes, just nothing I'm new to Invision (previous 15 years phpbb) and i feel the instructions are aimed at people who know Invision well. I thought i was quite good with stuff like this, but ive been proved wrong lol Some things so far... http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/Forum/forumpage/?_blockManager=1 http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/Forum/articles.html/
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