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  1. Here ya go. This should run well on 4.4 and up to the latest 4.7.x as well. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlkpoKUiQwwznPFaoIXvY6w7QxpPvA?e=bLwjoy @Moderators: not sure if it's allowed to post a OneDrive external link to share a free plugin, please remove if this is a violation of the TOS.
  2. Here is one still running v3, though not hosted by IPB. https://www.cloudynights.com/
  3. If I summarize your reply, the short answer is yes, you'll force hosted customers to upgrade :(
  4. This the end-of-life of IPB 4 in 2025/26, will you -force- customers that have a hosted site to upgrade? You have deprecated Commerce Physical product, and I would much prefer to continue using IPB V4 rather than having to split my offering to my customers into 2 sites, one for non-physical products + forums and a second one with Shopify and the likes. Yikes!
  5. What is broken between 4.5 and 4.6? I highly doubt that AWS made an infrastructure change that would break 4.5. Forcing an upgrade on your customers is nothing short of reckless IMO. You have pinned me against the wall; I now face a $15k to $20k price tag to upgrade/test a comprehensive custom plugin.
  6. I have hosted site, and I would like a full copy of my data, what is the process? Thank you.
  7. Any news on having square as a payment gateway? I'm dropping stripe for reasons I wish not to discuss here. Regards,
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