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  1. Any news on having square as a payment gateway? I'm dropping stripe for reasons I wish not to discuss here. Regards,
  2. Oh, if it makes a difference this is on an hosted site. This was not an issue with 4.2.8.
  3. I just upgraded from 4.2.8 to 4.3.1 and all custom plug-in tasks are not longer showing in the task lists. I've un-installed the plugin and reinstalled and they still are not showing. What I'm I missing?
  4. Yes, I'm still on 4.2.8 and planning to upgrade to 4.3 within a week or two.
  5. Oh, I must have missed something. I'll look for this for sure... been missing the commerce search feature since I upgraded from version 3. Thank you for your fast reply. Guylain
  6. Still no Commerce (NEXUS) search? I don't understand why this is not a top priority? A store without a search is not a store! Without search capability the Commerce module is crippled.
  7. Don't get me wrong, these are great... BUT... all these are pointless until we get actual SEARCH capability in commerce. Please spend time implementing search capabilities in commerce before any other commerce feature. Back to basics guys! Guylain
  8. Yes, I would be 110% satisfied with this basic search too. Guylain
  9. Okay, thank you for the feedback, it's appreciated. One more quick question. With the search in 4.3 include commerce search, at the very least on product title? If yes I'll wait for 4.3. If not I'll start now a write my own plugin as I can not wait much longer. I'll probably have to butcher my way through it but basic search via a plugin will be better than no search until 4.3 comes out. Again, thank you for your reply. Guylain
  10. @Lindy, any other clues as to what is the search improvements are, commerce search is really being missed here as it stands today. Thank you.
  11. I'm a 34 year IT veteran, claiming security reasons is just bogus ~ I don't buy it. If someone gains access to your ACP it is already game over and you have bigger fish to fry. Thanks anyway for replying, much appreciated. I'll develop my own plugin then. Regards,
  12. In version 3 we had a way to do a SQL backup using the ACP only. I'm on the IPS cloud hosting so I don;t have access to phpMyAdmin to do a real backup. The reason I need this (on a regular basis) is that I like to bring a copy of my data home on my testing/development env. I can't seem to find an SQL Backup feature in V4. Is it not there? Thanks Guylain
  13. @Lindy Will the 4.2 basic search improvements include commerce search? Thank you.
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