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  1. Yeah. Sadly the biggest feature of this update is not working.. It was not tested enough. Also if someone follows a user who posts as anonymous. They get notifications that the user has posted. It's broken and I hope invision fixes it.
  2. That topic is made by me. I'm asking if this plugin still has the feature.
  3. Since the new forum update came. The option to change poll votes was removed. Is it possible in this plugin to remove a vote made by x user? Or is there a setting to block users from voting their own entries?
  4. Finally, got an answer to this from the support team:
  5. Another idea, Setting for auto-send the chatbox message once the member logins the next time after approval. Now it is useless, because the user might login the next day and he will miss the chat message. It would be amazing, we would be ready to pay for these two features :)!
  6. We love this. It would be amazing if you made it possible to add profile fields to the "new topic". Example: Hello %member_name%, Welcome to %board_name%. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. %member_name% joined on the %joined_date%. %profile_link% %profilefield1% %profilefield2%
  7. Yeah, I did check that. There was no way to edit the votes. Thanks for your answer.
  8. Before, moderators were able to edit poll votes. After the update, we can't find the button to do so? The permission is still there, but where can we edit the poll votes?
  9. Hey, Is there a way to disable this plugin for x theme only? Or a way to disable background image/avatar from showing? It would be used on SFW mode. Here is a code we had before to hide the avatars etc:
  10. Even if logged in as anonymous and as an admin. Members can't see us in the "who's online". But, they can see on our profile pages that we are online currently / x minutes ago. This is the code from the theme core -> front -> profile -> profileHeader: <div id='elProfileStats' class='ipsClearfix sm:ipsPadding ipsResponsive_pull'> {{if ( !$member->isOnlineAnonymously() ) OR ( $member->isOnlineAnonymously() AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->isAdmin() )}} <li> <h4 class='ipsType_minorHeading'>{lang="members_last_visit"}</h4> <span> {{if $member->isOnline() AND ( !$member->isOnlineAnonymously() OR ( $member->isOnlineAnonymously() AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->isAdmin() ) )}} <i class="fa fa-circle ipsOnlineStatus_online" data-ipsTooltip title='{{if $member->isOnlineAnonymously()}}{lang="online_now_anon" sprintf="$member->name"}{{elseif $member->isOnline()}}{lang="online_now" sprintf="$member->name"}{{endif}}'></i> {{endif}} {{if $member->last_activity}}{datetime="$member->last_activity"}{{else}}{lang="never"}{{endif}} </span> </li>
  11. ACP -> member settings -> Profiles -> Create New -> Field name "Member Title" Group: Retained Field type: Text. Show on member's profile: Show to all Show with member's content submissions: Show to all. We also enabled every user to modify it. And we also didn't want the "Member title" text on every profile. So we changed the Custom topic formatting: {$content}
  12. Thanks for Jim from the support team. Found a solution: The new update had reset our "cache sidebar, header and footer blocks" setting in ACP. It works now correctly.
  13. Where can I find these default icons? We didn't get them when we installed the new update.
  14. Indeed, if anonymous user quotes someone who posted normaly. That user will get informed of the member quoting him. Regarding reactions, I guess it is easy to track down who is reacting to a post and then posting as anonymous. These things should have been tested before releasing this update. If anonymous mentions someone, it won't reveasl their identify.
  15. Hey, We love the new feature, but we also noticed that since we have some active members who love to stalk the online list to see where are the current users right now and what are they doing. They told us that they found out who posted x post as anonymously, because of this method. Is there a way to disable online list only for x forum section, or what should we do? One way would be to allow members to login anonymously, but that is something we don't want to enable globally. We would only want one section to be fully anonymously, for the members. We looked at the marketplace and didn't see anything regarding this. Does anyone have any tips or ideas how to solve this problem?
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