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  1. Hi @newbie LAC I'm expirimenting with Google Automatic advertisement placing. For this i just would need 1 location inside the <head>tag I prefer not to edit my Theme directly. Can i create it with a custom location set by your mod?
  2. Thanks Newbie ! so can mark the mod as compatible ? have a great day !
  3. Goodmorning Newbie_Lac Any idea if this is working on 4.3.x ?
  4. Great news, i guess you can mark the mod in marketplace as compatible for 4.3.x ? This would make it more visible for members looking for working addons for this version
  5. ah yes, good idea, thanks
  6. Hi @Pete T I can confirm that this mod is working on 4.2.x so you can update the description for compatibility
  7. Thanks Newbie, you rocks! Just installed on our demo board 4.2.x and confirmed working !
  8. hi @newbie LAC It it save to upgrade our boards to 4.2.x? Not completely sure if your great mod now is working on 4.2.x ?
  9. Thanks, however seems that due to design it looks a bit strange :-) also due to the different tabs, its a bit moving arround now :-) If you re-look at my example, maybe its better to put it on the left side of the Seach bar, right alinged? (at main navbar) Thanks again for your great support :-)
  10. hi @newbie LAC Can you advise how i can put a banner at the Right Side of the Second NavBar please? I tried insert CSS Selector - add inside at the end: ipsNavBar_secondary But it doesn't appear. Please kindly advise, Karel
  11. Hi all, bit old already, but still interestered to have this available for Guests
  12. Kind reminder :-) Again thanks for this great mod
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