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  1. Just spacing things out again. When we announce IPB3 officially (tomorrow) it will all go out at more or less the same time.
  2. Version 2.3 skins will not work on version 3.0.
  3. We like feedback on things we're doing wrong because then we can fix it. Sometimes it's a matter of opinion what's right and wrong but it always helps in the end. We also like to know what we're doing right so we can keep doing it of course.
  4. Maybe we're perfect and no one has any feedback? Sounded good in my head :) Most feedback people have is about a specific product. The "company" is in service to the products so there is not much feedback there. Though, for example, our new web site I can assume will get topics here. Probably a lot if I had to guess.
  5. An important aspect to many webpages is the media embedded into the webpage. It's rare to come across a web page that has no images on it, after all. For this reason, we have included a media management tool in CCS to facilitate adding, organizing, and otherwise managing media for your pages. A word about security Security is a very important concern when working with files and folders on the filesystem. For this reason, CCS only allows image uploads to occur through the admin control panel and only allows file management operations within a directory defined by editing a file you must upload to your site through FTP. Through these restrictions, if an attacker were ever to gain access to your admin control panel they can only delete and upload within the directory you have previously defined (which can only be set through FTP). They would also only be able to upload image files, thereby limiting any damage that can be done. You can, however, upload whatever files you wish through FTP and (if you set permissions appropriately on the files) delete and move those files through the admin control panel. This is a compromise we have made to help ensure we protect your site (and server), however, as most administrators will be primarily managing images through the media manager we feel the compromise will not be much of an inconvenience. What the media manager can do The media manager allows administrators to manage files on the server (within a specified directory structure). The administrator can create, rename, move, and delete folders at will within this directory. The administrator can also upload image files to any of these folders, delete the files within these directories, and move the files around as needed. It is a really simple tool designed to help you accomplish a really simple task - uploading, previewing, moving and removing images you might need to embed within your web pages. The media manager manages real files on the file system, so it is presented in the admin control panel separately from the page manager (which handles virtual folders and pages that do not actually exist on the disk). Conclusion We realize many administrators are fine with uploading the images and other media they may need for their site through FTP: but for those occasional instances where you just need to quickly upload an image or two while building a web page - or you just need to grab the full URL to an image because you forgot it - you may find that using the media manager can save you a lot of time. It is a simple tool, with a simple and familiar approach, that can save you a lot of time in these very common instances. No video demo for this one... no one would be too excited seeing image files being moved around. :)
  6. If you did understand then you would realize MySQL is just not very good at searching and you would know there's nothing we can do about that. That's why we offer Sphinx support. It is good at searching.
  7. Yes, it will be a separate download now.
  8. We have already done some security auditing done by people outside our development staff.
  9. Yes and we didn't mean to take out the "RC2" tag but bfarber was hell bent on fixing a small language bit issue and did.
  10. Michael and Peaches have it right on performance gain.
  11. I think that's been in there since 2.2.0 or 2.3.0 I cannot recall.
  12. Would less than 30 days help at all? I know that's a wide range.
  13. I would love to tell you, I really would, but some people take release date estimates far too seriously and will go crazy if we miss an estimated date.
  14. You can assume no one here is going to say one day or one month as a date :)
  15. Aaaaaaaaaactually making Subscriptions Manager an application of IPB will allow us to greatly improve it later this year independently of IPB's release schedule. SM will come out very soon after IPB3's first supported release and will be updated much like Blog/Gallery/etc. are as its own application.
  16. Send me a PM if you have any issues as the system should be working fine.
  17. We have emergency support department in tickets and also an emergency phone number you can call. Just choose the right prompt when you dial in. We do have people always available in the hosting department. Feel free to PM me with your information if you cannot access either of those routes for some reason.
  18. The whole web site is getting a refresh with IPB3 final so we're letting little things like that go for now :)
  19. Should be fixed now :) The demo is an automated system that sets these things up and sometimes it becomes unhappy with us.
  20. Sorry about that. Demo system got a bit overwhelmed for a minute there. Give it a try again if you don't mind :)
  21. The demo system for our software has been updated to include IP.Board 3.0.0 along with Gallery, Downloads, and Blog. This is a great way to try out IP.Board 3 if you have not yet wanted to try an RC release or if you are not currently an IPS client and are considering a purchase. There is a limit to the number of active demo accounts that can be online at one time so if you are unable to sign up now please do try again later. Thanks!
  22. That's pretty close actually.
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