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  1. Any chance this might make it in an upcoming release?
  2. What, nobody first used the Acorn Electron? So many memories.
  3. I've seen everything, but Enterprise was a bit shallow in comparison to the others. A missed opportunity. I agree - DS9 became acceptable after season 4. Prior to that, it was like watching a soap opera on a space station.
  4. @Stuart Silvester Rockin' the TNG! Are you looking forward to Discovery?
  5. Willing to test the notification.
  6. Thanks @Foolboy My host made a small tweak and it seems to have resolved the issue for the moment, so I'm continuing to monitor. Interestingly, though, I just got the very same error on IPS. I'm going to reset Chrome to eliminate that as the cause.
  7. So as far as I can tell the permissions are correct, but that's only based on what I can see in the Plesk file manager. I've raised a ticket with my host to see if they can pinpoint the cause.
  8. I've seen a huge increase in completed profiles since the launch of that feature, however not so much an increase of actual new user participation. Whilst it's great to see more new users taking the time to complete their profiles, this yields little long-term benefit if they don't actually contribute. I'd like to see the ability to prompt contributions included as part of the 'complete your profile' feature. It could include such options as: Make a post Perhaps allow admins to configure a forum for this to go in, such as an introductions area Start a blog Upload an image Comment on something Purchase something Upload a file etc. Thanks
  9. I don't manage my own hosting, so don't claim to be anything of an expert, but before I raise a ticket for IPS I want to eliminate my hosting as the cause if I can do so. Occasionally my AdminCP does not render correctly and I'm left with a partially loaded AdminCP. This is accompanied by the error 'ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH'. I use the Plesk control panel on my hosting so I do have the ability to tweak php.ini and to add additional NGINX directives, but that's about it. The only tweaks made are: date.timezone = "Europe/London" disable_functions = "exec, system, pcntl_exec, popen, proc_open, shell_exec" Screenshot of the error: Apache modules and PHP extensions: Any ideas?
  10. I have it bookmarked, but it means others may not be able to access it.
  11. Just tried social login, got an error message about a CSRF failure.
  12. I've had this problem many times in the past, but it can be solved. Rule number one... Do not feed the troll. In my experience these types of people feed on your reactions. That's why they keep coming back. I've seen previous moderators put public notes on accounts, change account names, reply to posts, edit the posts of returning banned users, reply to messages, reply to emails, etc., which are all a reaction to the individual. If you don't react to the person who is returning, they will soon get bored since they're getting nothing out of it. It'll take time but how long can they really keep it up if they're getting absolutely nothing out of it? It's much easier if you have a team of moderators so you can share the burden of placing the bans, but they must all know not to react in any personal way. Just ban the account and move on. Rule number two... Report it to their ISP, with your server logs and screenshots of the abuse as evidence. Nothing might come of this, ISPs vary in their responsiveness to issues, but I have reported users in the past and had some success with UK based ISPs. You have to show evidence of abuse originating from their customer before they will act. (server logs, screen shots, police reports, etc.)
  13. I'm sorry, but security should be your #1 priority.
  14. I'm pretty sure IPS have indicated they don't want to see instructions on the forum for removing those notices. Removing them is also, IMO, quite irresponsible. If you are going to host a community and store people's data then you should find a way to renew the licence so you can apply security patches. (e.g. donations from members) Not doing so is just unacceptable in today's world of data breaches and thefts.
  15. I think a big problem is the learning that people must do before they are proficient at self hosting. Too many people, as Lindy says, think they can get away with substandard hosting, because they don't know it's substandard hosting. Cheap hosts, offering cheap value hosting, don't tend to care about their clients needs. They're catering for the ignorant in most cases. There are some good shared hosts though, I've been through a few and several supported IPS quite well. I can't link to them, but they do exist. If interested, PM me for details. There are also some good VPS hosts out there. I found a cracking deal for a managed VPS @ £24 per month for a VPS with 1GB RAM. They maintain the server, perform the security and software updates, provide the admin panel, etc., for a bargain price IMO. Backups are costed extra, but that's not a surprise. They have, again, hosted my forums without issue. My astronomy forum is currently hosted with them and, whilst it's not the fastest I've ever seen, I've been very happy with it for the cost. I now self host one forum on an unmanaged VPS. I decided to learn to do this, firstly to see if I could do so, so a personal challenge, and, secondly, to see if I could save money, and I've thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I started with shared hosting though, so I have a good idea about the differences between a software issue and a hosting issue. I tend not to raise support tickets now unless I've exhausted every other option. The last few issues I've had, that I can remember, were all hosting related. The software has just worked. I currently host using NGINX and MariaDB and use Memcached for caching. It's a lot faster than my astronomy forum, but also a lot more work. Hopefully, and I think this is the case, it hasn't translated into more work for IPS. Long live self-hosted licences!
  16. How would they be able to develop for IPS if they don't have a licence for IPS? I'm quite simple, perhaps I am missing something.
  17. I can't find a sensible way to change the date format back to EU style. I have two forums which I've taken a screenshot of, 4.1.12 on the left and 4.1.11 on the right: I cannot find any way to correct the style on 4.1.12 back to what it was previously. The calendar setting doesn't sound like it should be the right one, nor does changing it have any effect. How can something so simple become so complicated?
  18. Considering 3.4.X will go EOL at some future stage, it's really not worth it. You would be better investing the time and money in enhancing 4.X.
  19. Community updates are in no way a substitute for security updates from the vendor. 5.4 is EOL. It is dead, kaput, out of date, past it's best, etc. Move on, upgrade, and get with the times.
  20. This should answer your question: http://php.net/supported-versions.php It's time to upgrade.
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