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    ADKGamers reacted to Stuart Silvester in 4.3: Announcements   
    In the old widgets, they showed a small sample of the announcement text (which is one of the reasons that styling and link etc were stripped from it. What we've done for 4.3 is remove that preview and made all of the announcements show the titles only with the ability to open the rest of the information in a modal. The content of that formatted is fully rendered as you would expect.
    You could change it if you want to, either by modifying the template or by using a CSS rule to target the icon tag. (CSS would be the safer way to do it).
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    ADKGamers reacted to Adriano Faria in 4.3: Leverage your data with our statistic improvements   
    There’s a plugin in marketplace, just in case it isn’t a feature in 4.3.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Joel R in 4.3: Paid club memberships, and other club improvements   
    What a lovely, lovey compliment.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Meddysong in 4.3: Paid club memberships, and other club improvements   
    Next time anybody suggests that the Invision Community team doesn't listen, send them to this article. There's so much here that I've seen people bring up over the past year. What an amazing product. You lovely, lovely people.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Adriano Faria in Invision Community 4.2   
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    ADKGamers reacted to Rikki in New: Authy Integration   
    Though we think we're pretty darn good at what we do, we can't be good at everything. There's a lot of great services out there that are superb at what they do, and it makes sense for us to integrate with them where it adds value for our own customers. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to Simon Woods in New: Authy Integration   
    So you want IPS to get into the business of developing authentication software on a level of Authy, Google, etc?
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    ADKGamers reacted to Aaron M in New: Authy Integration   
    Glad to see more 2FA options being implemented. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to Adriano Faria in New: Copy Topic to Database   
    A few examples: attachment from a post to become a file on Downloads; an image from a post or article to become a gallery image, etc.
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    ADKGamers reacted to wdport in New: Promoting Content   
    What about promoting Facebook -> IPS? Is it available already? Embedding fb posts natural way in posts or even creating a feed from fb account to topics.
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    ADKGamers reacted to LukasGr. in New: Promoting Content   
    no more hootsuite need, awesome! can't wait to get to use 4.2
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    ADKGamers reacted to Joel R in New: Promoting Content   
    I never stated that IPS include this request - which by the way, that's all it was - immediately into their release. I would appreciate it if you never put words into my mouth again. (Fun Joel would like to remind everyone that he can make up plenty of words for himself juuuust fine ).
    With that said, getting the job done is different than getting a great job done better.  I'm not satisfied with complacency, which is why I always encourage IPS to aspire to better and greater things.  If some clients are happy with what IPS offers, then great! There are other clients, however, who would like to continue to  encourage IPS to innovate and push out new features and to consider new possibilities and that as clients we should continue to provide feedback so they can iterate and improve.  
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    ADKGamers reacted to Joel R in New: Promoting Content   
    I still don't understand why you think that concern is important - whether you individually curate or auto post, bad content is bad content is bad content.  More importantly, we shouldn't be asking IPS to build tools for the lowest common denominator and worry about unsuccessful community managers who misuse ANY tool that's provided. If IPS stopped building their features because they were worried about a user misusing, that would be a knee jerk reaction.  We should instead be asking for tools that help successful and effective community managers proactively aspire to higher and better uses of their time, effectiveness, and reach.  
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    ADKGamers reacted to Joel R in New: Promoting Content   
    It doesn't encourage or discourage anything. It's a tool that makes it more efficient to cross-promote News post.  For example instead of Charles individually queueing each of these news article they can be auto-queued.  You obviously wouldn't apply this to every category or every user (although all of my posts are amazing and should always be shared).  I'm pretty sure Facebook pages with auto-fed zombie content are already penalized through low engagement and no visitors.  
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    ADKGamers reacted to Matt in New: Promoting Content   
    Hi Joel,
    1) Yes, I didn't see the point in restricting content where you do not have guest permission as you may want to "tease" your social media audience into signing up.
    2) I'll sort that today. Rikki was still tweaking it yesterday.
    3) I'll have a good think about this. My fear is that it'll then mean your Facebook page stops being a curated list of really interesting things and just becomes an RSS feed with no custom content, images and so on. This will harm your organic reach and turn off your social media audience. Perhaps I could look at a way to promote when you use a specific item tag, all good ideas to explore for future releases.
    4) I am very familiar with Facebook marketing. I've learned a lot in my own time over the past year as I really am interested in this and I also manage a few Facebook pages for friends to learn more and experiment with what works and what does not. I have about a year's worth of experience and training that I can use to help our customers become successful. I realise this sounds like a Facebook advert that links to a landing page with a PayPal button to join my seminar, but it's true and the information will be free.
    5) It's all in the templates, baby.
    6) Actually, no. You need to think of the Our Picks page like you would a Facebook wall in that it will show to everyone (well, I guess you could at App > Module level turn off permissions). My feeling is that you may want to tease people, and only showing them what they can already see is restricting the feature. So it's up to you as the community manager to share to your entire community what you are comfortable sharing. My thought is that a truly private area like a moderators lounge, or Secret Lair is something you'll never really WANT to promote from.
    When you are about to promote something without all permissions, you are informed:
    7) Yeah, good idea we can do that.
    8) When you re-promote an item, it will not add a new row, it will just bump up that item. If you have "Evergreen" content that you share regularly, you'd end up with hundreds of duplicate items hanging around. You are told when promoting when it was last shared. I guess we could keep a complete history of all the times it was shared if we feel that is useful information.

    9) It's paginated. 25 per page, but I may increase that.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Joel R in New: Promoting Content   
    1.  We can promote any content including those where guests don't have permissions, correct?  
    2.  Photo of the block?  Both main content area and sidebar.
    3.  I second the suggestion by @Real Hal9000 but with a more detailed suggestion: a setting in a category to automatically turn ON promotions for all new content.  (The author of the content item can still manually disable the promotion; and admins can still delete the promotion from the ACP.  All this does is automatically queue the promotions).  This automates the process even more for busy community managers like @Charles.  Keepin' it real for you Charles.
    4.  Is Matt our new SEO Guru?? I can see him doing bicep curls as he draws nonsensical SEO diagrams:

    Teach us this Matt.  
    5.  "Our Picks" index page - any way to remove the titles and subtitle?  This can be a very compelling and dynamic homepage a la Pinterest once you add some blocks.   
    6.  Safe to assume that content items on Our Picks index will follow permissions?  For example, members-only content items won't show to visitors?  
    7.  Suggestion: allow Community Moderators / Admins to promote directly from the Activity Stream.  This will help speed up the promotion process 
    8.  Suggestion: When re-promoting content (thank you Rikki for confirming), I think it would be beneficial to keep a history of prior promotions.  
    9.  How many content items do we show on Our Picks index?  When do they fall off?  
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    ADKGamers reacted to Matt in New: Promoting Content   
    That's the great thing about promotes, it happens inline. You read something cool, hit Promote, tap in a few custom words (you do not need to do this, it pre-fills in relevant content) and hit promote. If you set up a schedule, it'll stack them up and send them throughout the day.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Matt in New: Reactions   
    Honestly, after using reactions locally and on a test forum, just having Like is annoying.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in New: Reactions   
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    ADKGamers reacted to Charles in New: Social Sign In Streamlining   
    The point of this one was that having the sign in buttons in-context where the editor box normally is increases signups. We have tested this on live sites and saw an immediate increase in signups so we know it works.
    But ... I think you are right on the cosmetic presentation. We will modify the design before final. Thanks for the feedback!
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    ADKGamers reacted to inkredible in Video: 4.2 So Far   
    I am also looking forward to commerce improvements. I have suggested things like auto revoke assigned groups upon disputes/chargebacks (PayPal) and further Payment Gateways such as Amazon Payments and Apple Pay, Grantin additional days for the assigned groups and so on.
    We are selling software licenses by assigning users to specific groups. Other users may sell physical products and hence they would request completely different features. What do you have in mind David? I haven't seen any commerce improvements for months either and I had to bug Mark Wade a lot because of the subscription problems with Paypal.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Charles in Video: 4.2 So Far   
    Haven't announced that yet  
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    ADKGamers reacted to Charles in Video: 4.2 So Far   
    This is just what has been announced, as it says in the title, so far.
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    ADKGamers got a reaction from ArchLinux in New: Device Management   
    This is awesome!  You guys are truly giving us some awesome stuff to look forward to in 4.2.  Can't wait
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    ADKGamers got a reaction from Mark in New: Device Management   
    This is awesome!  You guys are truly giving us some awesome stuff to look forward to in 4.2.  Can't wait
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