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  1. Some support tickets ago I was told that this is happening because of the way it is programmed. For instance you stop checking for the recurring payments once the invoice is overdue for 3 days or so. But it's common that a recurring payment is executed 10 days after the payment was due (for instance because of lacking funds). This beside other reasons is causing issues which are definetely not PayPal's fault. I am actually using other software (bookkeeping software) which has absolutely no issues with PayPal subscriptions. Also see the following tickets where I've reported these issues in detail (months ago) and where I was told that the commerce software will be completely rewritten in 4.3: #992985
  2. Hm not a single word about all the issues people have with the current commerce system. Specifically I am talking about the not recognized recurring payments. Roughly 1% of all our recurring payments from PayPal won't be recognized by Commerce for several reasons (sometimes because the recurring payment comes late, sometimes it is in time but it still won't be recognized). This requires manual action and therefore costs us a lot support effort every day, which is very annoying.
  3. @Joel R @Adriano Faria I'd say you guys got the best overview of the marketplace, can you maybe help me?
  4. Hello, I wonder if there is an application / built in support for the following use case: We got a partner website redirecting traffic to our forum registration. On the partner's website they will set a cookie and in order to track how many (and especially what users) are coming from our partner's website we want to check for the set cookie on registration. If it sets we want to add some sort of identifier to the user's profile in the database so that we could potentially select all users acquired through our partner. I assume that this is a kinda common use case for many forum owners so I wonder if there are already existing applications allowing that kind of tracking?
  5. I've already filed a ticket 24h ago :-). #989225 if you want to take a look at it yourself, it's still in the T1 support level I think
  6. All of these are empty arrays, so apparently it's a bug @bfarber? Creating an invoice manually (for example to correct a missing order due to the PayPal problems) won't submit the custom fields, even though I can provide them when creating the invoice. Edit: It's NOT exclusive to the admin panel. I changed the price to 0€ and purchased it as normal member, the ps_custom_fields array is still null in nexus_purchases. Is there a place in the admin panel where I would see the provided custom fields which are related to an order?
  7. Thanks for the hint, I noticed that there is an example for the customer's display name on the top of that email template. Unfortunately I still wasn't able to figure out the custom_fields issue. I tried your foreach approach as well, but it appears the array is empty as it doesn't print anything. This is what I've added: {{foreach $purchase->custom_fields as $k => $v}} <tr> <td dir='{dir}' width='200' style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: #333333; line-height: 21px" align='right'> <strong>{$k}</strong> </td> <td dir='{dir}' style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: #333333; line-height: 21px" align="left"> {$v} </td> </tr> {{endforeach}} Thanks for all the help so far! I hope I get it working in the end
  8. I looked into the nexus/sources class and I thought I could use the public methods there. Unfortunately it didn't work, maybe you can explain why. I tried: {$purchase->get_member()->get_name} and {$purchase->get_custom_fields()} Both returned null / or an empty string. Edit: Your approach didn't work either. Is it because I create the invoice from the backend? I do provide values there for my custom fields though and the member name should still work then right?
  9. Ok that sounds amazing, unfortunately I don't see a custom field tag offered for the "purchase notifications" email template. Can you help me out there, how can I use the referenced custom fields for this product?
  10. I would like to extend the "purchase notifications" in the commerce application so that it will send the product's custom field which I have setup in that email as well. In my oppinion it should be a native feature but I need that feature as soon as possible. Can you point me in the right direction what to do therefore?
  11. Hello, I am offering a service in my store which needs to be processed by one of our staff members. Therefore we would like to keep the customers posted about the process with some sort of order status. Possible statuses would be something like "Paid", "Waiting for payment", "Processing", "Completed". Is that possible with IP Commerce or any marketplace application?
  12. I am working on an application which is supposed to modify the store layout. Unfortunately I wasn't able to remove the sidebar by just using theme hooks, hence I need to find another way so that I can modify the whole store layout. I thought about creating a new page and replacing the original store FURL with my own one. However that didn't work off as the menu would replace the "Store" url with the non FURL. What would you recommend so that I can replace the whole store frontend layout with my own phtml template?
  13. Certainly not, they probably discuss it because of other reasons. I also needed such a endpoint but I was in the sweet spot that I could also simply query my database instead of going through the REST Api
  14. Yes I reported that already, they responded it's been fixed with 4.2.2 and I can confirm this
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