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    Love the app! And the absolute awesome Kevin behind it. Thank you so much for your support!
  1. Hi guys, I think your own seach function doesnt work anymore. Whatever I am searching for I receive 0 results. Is it just me?
  2. Hi, like written in your own support forum: with IPS 4.4 Beta coming - is it just me or did it break the category view for collabs? I assume there has been a change in the controller? I am not an expert nor am I sure if that is really the reason why collabs are broken in 4.4 for me. Have you already been notified about this? Is there an easy fix?
  3. Is this still not resolved?! I hate some of my FURLs being ugly due to this.. @Charles @Matt
  4. Any news here? Would love to exclude some parts of our community as well on the "all activities" stream.
  5. LukasGr.

    4.3: Videos

    Finally!! Great news!
  6. Sounds awesome! Does this mean I can now link IPS easily with mediawiki so only one login is necessary?
  7. +1 Need!! please start / continue implementing important features the community asks for for ages.
  8. I have to push this! I want to disable some fields for sorting/filtern and searching as well. We just created a "huge" database with various database fields. 99 % of them are useless in this option. Any recommendations to avoid them being displayed here while keeping the functionality on important ones?
  9. PUSH as this is a must have feature.. don't know how this is still a thing in 2017.
  10. +1 please support this. (and can we get IMGUR albums / gallery support?)
  11. Hi guys, I really do love the new design - as always you did a really go job with this one. However, there is one thing that I find really disgusting Probably change this with some more space: I know you do not use this kind of boxes a lot anymore - however, old IPS Websites that used this as pages template might be happy as well if there is a general update on the default template.
  12. no more hootsuite need, awesome! can't wait to get to use 4.2
  13. I got 83/100 - would like to improve but most of them seem to be quite hard and taking a long time. (as I am quite unexperienced) I think IPS did a good job though.
  14. Hi @Kevin Carwile, i recently bought Group Collab and everything is fine so far but 1 thing is messy and I cant fix it. We have 2 categories in use and permissions are set correct as far as I can say that. But now there is a weird part: Although logged in members see collabs within a category (3 collabs in in category A and 2 collasb in category B) guests view is quite bugged. Whichever category they chose to browse, they always see ALL collabs (in this example, the always see 5 collabs mixed up. doesnt matter which category they are browsing) Is this a common bug? Do you have solution? Do you need more info / site access?
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