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  1. Twitch.tv embed support.

    +1 please support this. (and can we get IMGUR albums / gallery support?)
  2. Hi guys, I really do love the new design - as always you did a really go job with this one. However, there is one thing that I find really disgusting Probably change this with some more space: I know you do not use this kind of boxes a lot anymore - however, old IPS Websites that used this as pages template might be happy as well if there is a general update on the default template.
  3. New: Promoting Content

    no more hootsuite need, awesome! can't wait to get to use 4.2
  4. I got 83/100 - would like to improve but most of them seem to be quite hard and taking a long time. (as I am quite unexperienced) I think IPS did a good job though.
  5. Group Collaboration

    Hi @Kevin Carwile, i recently bought Group Collab and everything is fine so far but 1 thing is messy and I cant fix it. We have 2 categories in use and permissions are set correct as far as I can say that. But now there is a weird part: Although logged in members see collabs within a category (3 collabs in in category A and 2 collasb in category B) guests view is quite bugged. Whichever category they chose to browse, they always see ALL collabs (in this example, the always see 5 collabs mixed up. doesnt matter which category they are browsing) Is this a common bug? Do you have solution? Do you need more info / site access?
  6. Error with furl changes

    Would like to get more info about this too! *bump*
  7. Group Collaboration

    Before I am going to buy GC I need an answer about a FURL issue I had with the DEMO version of the current build. I am willing to buy GC if customization of /gc/ in the FURL is possible. (see screenshot) I can change the last entry from gc to anything I like. However, if I am trying to override the first and second /gc/ it just adds /gc/custom/id.. for example on the second entry. So instead of overriding it, it adds my custom text between /gc/ and /id-?? which is utterly akward if you ask me. Can you give me a solution for this or can't those two FURLs be changed?
  8. IPS 4 Integration: Promote and Sweep

    just wanted to let you guys know, we are looking forward to this feature as well! any eta? are you doing progress as expected?
  9. Will the translation thingy now be fixed as well? You know.. the one thats lowering letters for words like "topic" which in german is "Thema" with capital letter.
  10. User Options in PostBit

    Awesome, but please use for " Sent through the post:", which is used when link to the referred post is generated, a translatable string.
  11. Emoticons by EmojiOne

    sweet. thanks for providing files in correct form with SD and HD
  12. IPS Community Suite 4.1.10 Available

    Same for me, but I had this with the last 2 or 3 updates.. Actually I am pretty sure I got this problem since the TopContributor block was broken and I fixed it by myself. Furthermore, now there is this issue Cabola already mentioned. system/sessions/ file showed an error in ACP although I've never done something with this. + Most important for me: the problem with internet explorer / edge is now back. People can't access our site now when using Edge.. This is kinda critical for us (going to open a ticket..) It's not only IE - website is down/blank for ever guest.. https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea/index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=redirect&url=https%3A%2F%2Finvisionpower.com%2F4bugtrack%2Factive-reports%2F4110-fatal-error-site-down-for-all-guests-r11085%2F&key=b85cca99e583eb70e80371661d7a306d169ecf17&resource= Solution: Update to 2.0.2 and no issue with guest visits.
  13. As this still seems to be a thing.. I would like to share this here in the product feedback section to higher chances staff will read this. There are a view features in IPS that are currently disabled by default and should either be enabled or allowed to be set enabled/disabled by the administrators. Features I am talking about in my case: Status Updates and View Signatures. This issues was reported several times and there is a tool on Marketplace to help fix this. Marketplace offers a fix: Could you please add a settings option in future updates so Admins can decide whether it is enabled or disabled by default?
  14. Embed Media

    I can't embed Twitch Videos (past broadcasts) - am I doing something wrong?? The rest is quite working as I would assume.