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    Love the app! And the absolute awesome Kevin behind it. Thank you so much for your support!
  1. Hi, like written in your own support forum: with IPS 4.4 Beta coming - is it just me or did it break the category view for collabs? I assume there has been a change in the controller? I am not an expert nor am I sure if that is really the reason why collabs are broken in 4.4 for me. Have you already been notified about this? Is there an easy fix?
  2. lol.. well - thanks! Works exactly as intended. Didnt now about expression. THANK YOU
  3. Hi guys, it might be to late for my braind as I just can't figure out what seems to be rather easy in my head.. I got a database (e.g. Marketplace) - 2 fields, numbers input only, without decimal (e.g. Quantity, Price per Unit) and want to display the TOTAL of both fields in Display template. (Quantity * Price)... I am missing a part here: {{ {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('quantity', 'raw')} * {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('price', 'raw')} }} echo (); is not really best practice if I can tell from Help Guides - But now I am confused.. 😞 Can someone help me here, please? PS: I assume field values (despite being "numbers") are stored as STRING, right?
  4. Is this still not resolved?! I hate some of my FURLs being ugly due to this.. @Charles @Matt
  5. Hi Daniel, both are set correctly in my point of view: I have tried to run "rebuild search index" no multiple times. Not working this way. As shown in the video only after "re-submitting" the record / entry the database item will be registered and therefore shown in the search results. While populating the MySQL database we did consider all required fields for the database set up in IPS including publishing dates, last edits, etc. Hm.. :(
  6. Any news here? Would love to exclude some parts of our community as well on the "all activities" stream.
  7. Single entires means one by one or just a few of your database and majority were left without any edits? Because as I have shown in the video, yes.. after editing single entries, those are found by the search function. I will open a ticket as you suggested. Unfortunately, I dont belive they answer this too.
  8. As this gets up to no attention, can we move this to "client lounge"? ? Or does anyone have a tip here for me?
  9. Hi guys, this might be totally noobie.. However it was / is currently the only way for me to populate our database (IPS CMS Database) with data but now I am facing an issue that needs to be fixed. Short introduction We are a german community for a game called Crowfall, a MMORPG. We provide an ingame database with abilities and discipines/runes (in future also items like equipment, etc.) As we have an insane amount of attributes to populate in very different point of views we decided not to popuate data through the IPS form template but just extract certain info from an external API connection, process this data in excel following SQL formatting according to our IPS fields and directly import the file as SQL to our MySQL database. The result worked as intended at first. All data populated is perfectly visible, editable and looked the way we wanted it to be. Now the issue with IPS database indexing/searching Well, so far so good. The issue with populating our database this way around, IPS seem to not fetch this data in their search index. As a result, even with all settings done correctly in ACP (like "allow searching") we cannot search any of the database entries. After searching for the bug i figured out as soon as we go through the IPS process of editing the database entry and saving any changes the entry will indeed show up in the search results. Please see the following video to better explain what I just described. 2018-06-29 21-29-56.mp4 Now.. is there a short fix to add this data to the search index of IPS? I have tried the function in ACP to "rebuild search index" but that didn't help either. If our process is insanley dumb, please give me some hints of how to approach this in a better way. I am thankfull for any input. Best Regards, Lukas
  10. LukasGr.

    4.3: Videos

    Finally!! Great news!
  11. Sounds awesome! Does this mean I can now link IPS easily with mediawiki so only one login is necessary?
  12. +1 Need!! please start / continue implementing important features the community asks for for ages.
  13. I have to push this! I want to disable some fields for sorting/filtern and searching as well. We just created a "huge" database with various database fields. 99 % of them are useless in this option. Any recommendations to avoid them being displayed here while keeping the functionality on important ones?
  14. PUSH as this is a must have feature.. don't know how this is still a thing in 2017.
  15. +1 please support this. (and can we get IMGUR albums / gallery support?)
  16. Hi guys, I really do love the new design - as always you did a really go job with this one. However, there is one thing that I find really disgusting Probably change this with some more space: I know you do not use this kind of boxes a lot anymore - however, old IPS Websites that used this as pages template might be happy as well if there is a general update on the default template.
  17. no more hootsuite need, awesome! can't wait to get to use 4.2
  18. Hi @Kevin Carwile, i recently bought Group Collab and everything is fine so far but 1 thing is messy and I cant fix it. We have 2 categories in use and permissions are set correct as far as I can say that. But now there is a weird part: Although logged in members see collabs within a category (3 collabs in in category A and 2 collasb in category B) guests view is quite bugged. Whichever category they chose to browse, they always see ALL collabs (in this example, the always see 5 collabs mixed up. doesnt matter which category they are browsing) Is this a common bug? Do you have solution? Do you need more info / site access?
  19. Hi guys, which permission does a User need out of the Moderator permissions to publish a database entry in a database (IPS Pages) which is generally set to "moderate new records". We got our staff who is allowed to publish content with no doubt. Then we got our basic members who are allowed to write content for us but staff members need to check and activate those articles. Coming new: We have trusted users who are in the group of basic members but individually getting the permission to publish content withouth being checked by our staff. For the third case we need the right permission settings in "Members" -> "Staff" -> "Moderators" -> "+Add Moderator" (Individual/Member). Basically he should only be able to publish content in 1 specific database (news database) without being asked to wait until one of our staff members have checked its content. Thank you in advance!
  20. You are my hero - it works now exactly the way I want it! Thank you so much!
  21. Hi guys, I need your help. I am looking for a way to check if a custom profile field (YES/NO field) is checked (=1) or not, globally! So not only on a forum post or anything, no - it needs to be displayed all around the website. The code should check if the visitor is logged in AND if he has the custom profile field on Yes (required field during registration if yes or no). If requirements are met, then content should be shown otherwise no content. (this is used for a block for example but even in parts of the design template) So far I came up with the following: {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()}} {{$member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn();}} {{$fieldData = $member->ProfileFields()['core_pfieldgroups_4']['core_pfield_14'];}} {{if $fieldData === ?????}} {CONTENT I WANT TO DISPLAY} {{endif}} {{endif}} I need help with the IF statement as non of my assumings worked. I checked whether the fieldData === 1, '1', "1" or even "Yes", "yes" etc. I know the custom profile field value is stored as string in my MYSQL database and therefore I assumed that a quoation mark would be essential. Nothing helped. When I try to display $fieldData it shows me Yes or No depending on what i set the value on my profle editing. Moreover, it seems to display a key string because it is translated to any other language as well. How can I get the true value (1 or 0) and check that with my if statement? I tried helping myself with the search but nothing really helped me.
  22. Would like to get more info about this too! *bump*
  23. Before I am going to buy GC I need an answer about a FURL issue I had with the DEMO version of the current build. I am willing to buy GC if customization of /gc/ in the FURL is possible. (see screenshot) I can change the last entry from gc to anything I like. However, if I am trying to override the first and second /gc/ it just adds /gc/custom/id.. for example on the second entry. So instead of overriding it, it adds my custom text between /gc/ and /id-?? which is utterly akward if you ask me. Can you give me a solution for this or can't those two FURLs be changed?
  24. just wanted to let you guys know, we are looking forward to this feature as well! any eta? are you doing progress as expected?
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