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New: Authy Integration

This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release

In 4.1.18 we added Two Factor Authentication. Already in 4.2 we have announced a new setting to trigger 2FA when logging in from a new device, and in 4.2 we are also adding Authy as an authentication handler.

Authy can send a user a text message, make a phone call, or send a push notification to a smartphone app to authenticate the user. You can enable whichever of these options you like.


Set Up

To set up Two Factor Authentication with Authy, the user will enter their phone number. To verify their phone number they will then enter a code shown in the Auhy app or have a code sent by text message or phone call. The system will automatically show an appropriate interface based on what options you have enabled - for example, if you don't want to enable the app as an option, it will not reference Authy.

Authy Setup with App.png

Setting up Authy with the app available as an option

Authy Setup without App.png

Setting up Authy with just phone or text message options enabled


Verification with Authy

When the user needs to verify their account, the system will automatically show an appropriate interface. If you allow verification with the Authy app and either it is the only option you allow, or the system knows that the user has installed the Authy app, the system will prompt them to use the app. This can either be done using Authy's OneTouch option (where the user will receive a push notification to the app, and when they click approve, the screen will automatically refresh) or their SoftToken option (where the user will be instructed to open the Authy app and enter the code they see). If you allow authentication by text message and/or phone call as well, the user will also see options for using those instead.

These screenshots show the process for OneTouch authentication:

Authy OneTouch Pending.png

The user is shown a waiting screen

Authy OneTouch Notification.PNG Authy OneTouch Approval.PNG

Simultaneously they will receive a push notification and when opening it be able to approve

Once the user has approved, the waiting screen will automatically refresh with the user authenticated.

For SoftToken authentication, the user is prompted to enter the code shown in the Authy app:

Authy SoftToken Authentication.png

Authy SoftToken option


Phone Verification

If you have disabled the Authy app as an option, or the user does not have it installed, they will be prompted to choose from the available options how they want to authenticate.

These screenshots show the process for authenticating by text message:

Authy Verification Options.png

The user is asked how they want to authenticate

Authy SMS Codr.PNG

The user receives a text message or phone call with a code

Authy SMS Verification.png

The user enters this code to authenticate



If the user changes their phone number they can reconfigure the system in their account settings. The system automatically shows "Phone Verification" rather then "Authy" if the app is not available as an option.

Authy Account Settings.png

Account Settings showing Authy as Phone Verification


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