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Entry Comments posted by Sonya*

  1. 19 hours ago, Matt said:

    We are actually in the process of revamping our cloud plans to be much more generous with data storage and are considering other metrics as the headline differentiator.

    Probably you can consider a kind of quantity discount for multiple licenses' holder 😃 And a kind of start-up discount for the first six months, the time the community needs to grow. 😊

  2. 1 minute ago, Nehaj said:

    Please link me the iOS app. I have only InvisionCommunity app, which supports only this forum.

    Can someone from Invison Community answer this question to their paying customers?

    The links I can see in AdminCP in mobile settings are:

    I have no idea, why you cannot see those links in your AdminCP🤔


  3. 2 hours ago, Interferon said:

    and I have no idea what I am supposed to type.

    A user has to create (or choose) category for every entry within his blog. Those categories are for this single blog only, not general for all blogs or users. When he submits another entry to the blog later on, he can choose already created category (one of the previous entries) or create a new category. 

  4. On 9/11/2020 at 5:52 PM, DJ ZAh said:

    But when I create a new entry in any Blog I have no option for General.. I only have option to Create New Category.  Is this a bug, or an issue I should open with Support or is it a simple configuration setting somewhere.

    There are two kind of categories:

    • Categories for blogs, e. g. General, are there to structure blogs. They are managed in AdminCP.
    • Categories within a blog are there to structure entries. They are entered by users who submit blog entries on the frontend.


  5. 15 minutes ago, KT Walrus said:

    Is there an ACP setting to prevent any BBCode being parsed in user posts? I like to disable deprecated features for users before an update removes them permanently.

    Why would you like to prevent it? BBCode once saved is converted to HTML, it cannot be "re-converted" to BBCode and hence cannot harm your users in any way. Nor today, neither in the future, when BBCode is deprecated. 🤨

  6. I have a rule that really helps. If you do not work but stay at home, then switch off your machines. If they are still running then you probably just briefly want:

    • check you mails
    • see if someone replies in the community
    • take a look on the stats 
    • and so on

    It helps me a lot just to turn off the power. It is like a reminder for me: if they are not on, then this is NOT a working time. Not even for a minute or two. 😉

  7. The GUI is still overloaded. I would make checkboxes for each general categories:

    • Followed Content
    • Mentions & My Content
    • Messenger
    • Clubs
    • Profile
    • Newsletter
    • File Updates

    And then add a link Refine to each category, where single options are shown in the pop-up. If user clicks on the checkbox in the general list, then everything within the category is selected. If he unchecks the checkboxes then everything within is unchecked. Refine is the possibility to select only some options. This way users can make first settings very quickly and refine them afterwards.


  8. 54 minutes ago, The Heff said:

    Also known as 'analysis paralysis'. 😉

    Also known as 'community paralysis', if you have tons of sections on your community, forums, blogs, articles, galleries, downloads, links, clubs, chats, videos and so on. In this case the user is not able to decide where to start und leaves 😀


  9. Quote

    One of the most popular requests we've had in recent times is to resize large images before uploading. It's quite likely that your giant full resolution image will be denied when attempting to upload, and it's a bit of a faff to resize it in a photo editor.

    Invision Community leverages the uploader's ability to resize before uploading, which makes it a much happier experience.

    Love it. Thanks!!!

  10. Quote

    This clears out any stored password hashes and emails the affected members to remind them to set up a new password.

    It would be great if the members in the selection could be put on validation and do not get any email notifications until they change their password. This would automatically stop flood of mails to the users that are no more active and/or do not have a valid e-mail addresses. :rolleyes:

  11. 9 hours ago, Claudia999 said:

    Nice! Can you explain how you did it?

    It is a custom plugin that extends default RSS output. The plugin adds enclosure-tag to RSS output. If it is a database record, gallery image or post with image, it uses the embedded image. In case there no image can be found for the item, it looks in the media folder we have created via ACP. The folder contains about 100 random images. So the plugin picks randomly one of the images and add it to enclosure tag. No magic :rolleyes:

  12. Quote

    How will you use this new feature? Let me know!

    We already use a semi-automatic solution to add random images to RSS output items, that do not have any image. Right now we have saved about 100 images that match the general subject of the project like "gardening". When RSS output is created AND no image can be provided for the item, then a random image from those 100 is picked. If there were a possibility to combine this feature with improved RSS we could replace our "rich RSS" plugin entirely.  

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