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  1. He is "she" :) And yes, banned and flagging as spammer is not the same in IPB to some reason. For me banned user is someone who is in the banned group where I can precisely define what he is allowed and what not. And It is up to me how I configure this group. Just found this issue http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-34667-flagging-member-as-spam/ talking about weird "flagged as spammer" and "banned group". Can you define the difference between banned group and flagging as spammer in IPB?
  2. Mine also, see the screen above. The 5th option has been added by me as desired :smile: unapprove posts, empty profile and ban account - does prevent user to get to the content and thus force him to register again producing clone accounts. Banned group would not prevent him to read the content and would inform everyone on the board that his is banned.
  3. You can see 3 options on the screen I have added above. The second option is set by default and does not prevent user to commit content in the community at the places I have described. The last option does prevent user to access the whole content and forces him to register again to be able to read. Our banned group is able to read the content, but is not able to write anything. They act just like guests and everyone can see they are banned, so that other members, guests, moderators, everyone knows that the spammer has been recognized by us and do not report him again and again.
  4. No, it does not. As I have stated above, it is not consistent in IPB. Users marked as spammers can comment, upload images in gallery, use 3rd party applications, can log out and so on. We have configured banned group to prevent banned users to do anything in our community. And we would like to use this group for spammers to be in. If IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Content, IP.Chat, IP.Tracker and all 3rd party application would use this flag everywhere this would be great, but they do not.
  5. No. It does not change the user group, just flag him as spammer and that is not enough. We have more than 35000 active users a day. And we are non-English. Spam service is not enough for us, however it is perfect for small to middle English boards.
  6. Global moderators can flag users as spammer in their profiles. This action is reported to the IPS Spam Monitor if community has activated it. However, for the community it is not enough as the restrictions for the spammer are not consequent throughout the applications. E. g. users still can load images in the gallery or comment in blogs, they also can use 3rd party applications that rely on group and permissions and not on the spammer flag. We spend a lot of time to configure banned user group but it is not used for spammers automatically. Instead after flagging, moderators should go to ACP, find the user there and place him into the banned group. This 2-step-procedure (flagging in profile and banning in ACP) is annoying for moderators and thus they tend to just ban the user omitting the flagging. They just save the first step. However, not flagging the user means that IPS Spam Monitor does not get report for the user and thus the user is not marked as spammer in Spam Monitor. This way the communities combat with spammers alone. Please, give us an ability to put the user into the banned group after flagging as spammer optionally.
  7. Trying to rearrange nav tabs. What a pain!

  8. Trying to rearrange nav tabs. What a pain!

  9. Wondering about IPB possibilities...

  10. I can confirm it using stanard IP.Board skin. I was not able to find templates after install and re-install of this app. I have solved it in dev_mode. But it is defenitly something wrong with install of this application as the skin_loginas is not installed by default.
  11. Is this http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/developer-resources/api-methods/ipstext-r133 still actual? If not, where the new API can be found?
  12. I have a fresh install here, without any modification except of $INFO['sql_charset'] = 'utf8'; Created two users and changed the display name of the first in cyrillic, and the second in German with special chars. Then looked up in DB and have noticed that the column ipb_members.members_l_display_name is empty for both users. The reason is: broken UTF-8 strings cannot be saved in MySQL. Can you try these two display names please? 1. Администратор 2. Ögül What is saved in the column ipb_members.members_l_display_name in your installation?
  13. Thank you for your feedback. except of UTF8 issues with non-English content or display names :( There are over 50 files that must be patched by replacing standard string functions with their multibyte-encoded counterparts... At least for Russian characters.
  14. I have seen that some questions and bugs here deals with standard string functions like strtolower(), which do not properly handle multibyte-encoded strings. This is a common problem for non-English resources and often ignored by English(only) :smile: speaking developers. I have a suggestions to use Function Overloading Feature http://php.net/manua...ng.overload.php for those who would like to generally replace standard string functions with their multibyte-encoded counterparts. Surely this should be tested, but this solution is smart and does not require numerous patches in the core files. Add this tip in documentation for non-English systems. As far as I know it can be done in .htaccess or in php.ini.
  15. Hi, I develop a new gateway. The payment service API calls http://mysite/index....=paymentservice and expects a message like "ok" or "error" as simple echo output after the payment is processed in IPB. Otherwise they cannot close transaction on their side. How I can manage this output answer without modifying core files of Subscription Manager? Thank you in advance.
  16. Need this feature as well after moving from phpBB to IPB. Moderators liked this feature a lot. Any mod for this?
  17. I am interested in IP.Chat for the community hosted on my own server. Is this solution only for hosted Communities? Can you tell, what is the timeline for the first release?
  18. Thank you, I have found it already in settings, have seen the page 20 times but did not see it before :blush:
  19. It is possible to integrate sphinx and stay releasable at the same time? I mean, it is possible to make a solution without modification of the core files?
  20. I am aware of MySQL full text searching restrictions. I would just suggest 3 things that will make the search feature in this board more usable: 1. Turn off flood control or reduce it significantly for registered customers. They are your potential friends and not enimies :) 2. Makin boolean searching "this +that" by default, as there is no practical approach in searching "apples OR pines". And it is more intuitive as this is default in the major search engines throught the world. 3. Display only topics, not posts by default. By the way, there is no such option in 'advanced' search form: "Search titles only" - does not search in the posts body "Search posts only" - is opposite to what I have suggested.
  21. I am complaining about the search function in this board. :) For my custom installation, I am able to change it, I know.
  22. For me, but not for my community of not experienced members. I cannot tell any of my 45.000 members how the search in board differs from the usual search in search engines. Plus must be set by default. And I cannot imagine any case, where I am looking for words concating with OR. You? :rolleyes:
  23. correcting UTF8 bugs in IP.Board and applications

  24. Hello, I am trying to solve some issues myself, without troubling support and community. So I try to use search feature in this forum. It is not really usable and often does not make sense: 1. When I am looking for search phrase like "import from coppermine", I get any topic where import OR from OR coppermine appears. I appreciate, especially, search results mathing the single word "from". :) 2. When nothing is found and I try another search phrase I am always have to wait 20 seconds. Why should I wait, if nothing has been found? Why am I assumed to be a flooder as registered customer on this board? 3. In the search results I would like to have a topic only once and not all the posts from one topic. It is often not enough to read the found post, but the whole topic to understand it. So, I would not like to have all the posts from the already readen topic listed 5 to 10 times in the search results. 4. I would use Google search on this board (as more sophisticated alternative), but the board for customer is set private, so that no Google search is possbile. Apart of the 4th point the search feature is not user friendly. Not here and not in the customer boards.
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