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  1. Is there any reason that we cannot have expanded view along with fluid list in forum? If I select Expanded view, it is ignored if my forum set to Fluid. Is it an oversight?
  2. I am convinced, IPS does not remove "most used features". They have their stats and see how often apps are used. I have never used Web Hosting & Domain support in IPS, neither I ever had a customer who has used it. I can imagine it is disappointing for you. But if a feature is used by only tiny number of IPS customers, then it is legit to not support it in the future to get free resources for something that is needed by majority.
  3. Custom fields are not integrated in search snippet and activity streams, so that they look beautiful with the record image. For me, I would appreciate if we could apply option to the default record image field 😊
  4. We use Pages database as a kind of user image gallery. Record image is a field where a user/guest can submit his own photo to the gallery. If we enable Pixabay it will not make sense at this place. This is only for users' pictures, not for stock photos. At the same time we would like to allow users to use stock photos as cover for their events in Calendar. So, generally we need not only per user group but also per app permission 🙃
  5. Please extend pixabay (stock photo) permissions for the uploads field as well: This is not consistent not to allow using stock images in the editor but uploading them via extra field. I do not want guests to see this option at all, even if they are allowed to upload own images.
  6. I use CleanTalk on contact form and love it. Can you explain why it is useless for registration? Thanks!
  7. Probably you can consider a kind of quantity discount for multiple licenses' holder 😃 And a kind of start-up discount for the first six months, the time the community needs to grow. 😊
  8. Create a new group. There are some settings, that are not available for users but for the group. Move the bot to the new group, then exclude the group from leaderboard, reactions, filtering in search, force anonymous login, forbid ignoring and so on. To close profile from everyone try this plugin
  9. Custom field of type CheckboxSet has always multiple values. It cannot be used with type INT in database, or you get an error for wrong integer type '' if no value is selected. However, in the converter you set the field to the type INT if is not defined as multiple: case 'CheckboxSet': case 'Member': if ( $data['multiple'] ) { $columnDefinition['type'] = 'TEXT'; } else { $columnDefinition['type'] = 'INT'; $columnDefinition['length'] = 10; } break; It is not possible to save a record with field type CheckboxSet that is defined as INT. The type should be moved down to: case 'CheckboxSet': <------------- case 'TextArea': case 'Upload': case 'Address': case 'Codemirror': case 'Select': case 'Youtube': case 'Spotify': case 'Soundcloud': case 'Item': $columnDefinition['type'] = 'TEXT'; break;
  10. In Pages: we can add custom fields to the database. If the fields are empty for the record, they are not displayed on the record view page. Except of the field of type Item. It is always shown even if it is empty. I know that we can control display with {if}-clauses. However, it would be more consistent, if this would be default as for other field types and no code is required to suppress it.
  11. It is not true for all projects. I have some communities where people are BECAUSE they do not want to use their real names. Think of medical content, psychological and other vulnerable issues that people do not eager to share with the whole world. Sure, there are forums with low-quality content, they should be penalized. The same way the content sites are penalized. I think forum structure in generally is the reason why search engines cannot pick valuable content properly (if there is any). We should stop to think that all SM users can be somehow converted to forum users. 😜 Agree. Poor usability, complicated forms, and overloaded interface - these are real points where communities can gain many improvements.
  12. It is not worth to try "beating" SM. Forums will never attract the majority of users from social media. Most people there do not create any useful content. They post: cat Giphys and co. repost content of other users spy others This is not the behavior you wish in one forum, and you would not like to target those users. You can have 100000 Giphys posters or 10 content creators. The latter is what a good forum community need. I would not say "SM crushing forums", I would say "search engines crushing forums". Many people do not really know there are other possibilities than SM or content sites. If you search for major keywords you would never find forums, but tons of (often useless) content sites that generates articles, steal and rewrite the content from each other and buy tons of links to get search rankings. Forums get long tail keywords. Something that pretty specific and goes into depth. I am sure one get more from search results using schema markup, like Question, Answer, QAPage. The era of "pure" forums is over. The era of forums with general content is over. But there is a large opportunity for subject-specific communities with rich content, events, reviews, directories, Q&A and so on. All these elements can become a beginning of the conversation, discussion, what forums are.
  13. In my case, 99% of spam comes through contact form. See my logs in the review of the plugin You can stop bots, but you cannot stop human that really fill out the forms. In my experience, the best way to stop spam is to block their IP addresses, their E-Mails and to investigate the E-Mail content to find spam links in it. The plugin above is ready to use and free for 7 days. It is worth to test it.
  14. When I delete a Page database via ACP, then the table for the records is just dropped: /* Delete records */ \IPS\Db::i()->dropTable( 'cms_custom_database_' . $this->id, TRUE ); There is no handling for record images stored in the record_image column. The files are never deleted and are orphaned in /uploads forever.
    The best solution to stop spam via contact form. I have tested it on two projects and will extend it to others now. There is literally no spam via contact form since I have installed this plugin. Thank you!
  15. At the very top left click on Client Area, then select Support
  16. Technically, it is a category in Pages database that is assigned to this club only. It behaves the same way other club nodes do, like forums, blogs, galleries and so on. The same as above. Database categories within clubs inherit club permissions and ignores permission set for the whole database in ACP. So, yes, if it is a private club, one has to join to see the content stored in this database category. If it is a public club, it is visible to any user, like any other node within public club.
  17. Check if the member group has an option Require approval before content shows? . AdminCP in Member -> Groups, tab Content.
  18. This is not a filter on your screenshot. These are fields that are editable while viewing the record. The fields are only shown to those who can edit records. Filter is a block that can be added to a sidebar on the category view. The fields that can be used in the filter must be defined in the APC as those.
  19. Are you sure you are using Live and NOT Sandbox credentials?
  20. In AdminCP go to your Database, click edit, select the tab Option and untick the option Moderate new records.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This application allows creating custom 404 (Not found) or 403 (No permissions) pages. Features: Enable / disable per error type Choose groups to show the custom error page to Translatable custom title Custom image Translatable custom message (WYSIWYG editor) (Optionally) Show search form on 404 (Not found) page (Optionally) Show "Our picks" block on 404 (Not found) page (Optionally) Show "Sign in/Sign up" block on 403 (No permissions) page Enable logs to track error pages views and URLs Set pruning timeframe for the log history
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