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Article Comments posted by steve00

  1. ​1) No. You would need to distribute a plugin with the theme. Though that would be a strange thing to do - if you're creating a theme, you can just add a message where you want it in the theme's HTML code. Remember that plugins will affect every theme.

    2) Usually no.

    3) It's possible if we move elements around that hooks on those elements will need to be updated. It would depend on the nature of the change.

    4) If you have manually modified the HTML of a template, it will be the same as in 3 (not upgraded and a diff report would typically be done). If a template is being modified by a hook, it will be updated as normal. A template is not generally aware if it has a hook on it.

    ​Thanks for reply.

    Idea I had then would not be of any use as a hook then if (1) is no, shame really but there you go

    I understand would be a strange thing to do but I have my reasons for it that way instead of manually editing template directly.

  2. Just to clarify for my own peace of mind (apologies in advance if questions sound stupid but am not into this side am more of a skinner so this is all new to me),

    1) if created a very simple theme hook (e.g. Global Message as per post at top) would this be exported with a theme and able to be used on another site when theme installed there ?

    2) Would theme hook get overwritten with any forum or other ips app updates ?

    3) If no to (2) above then if forum updates changed the point the hook looked for on where to insert it then hook would not work ?

    4) Would the template that has the theme hook be upgraded or would it not be upgraded and have to be upgraded manually (similar to 3.4.x theme templates that had manual edit in them, when run a diff report would show that templates with edits in them would have to be upgraded manually) ... hope that makes sense ?

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