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Entry Comments posted by Feneroin

  1. I'm Turkish user of IPB since v2.1.6. 

    Used phpBB and vB befor but when i have tried to IPB, i said "waow, this is a quality forum, this forum has a good future!"

    So Thanks for this good product and i will also purchase PAGES also in March ?

  2. On 19.05.2017 at 8:35 PM, SecondSight said:

    This is not clear to me. When does summer begin in your country ? (in the place where I live, we only have summer and winter)

    Spring March-April-May

    Summer June-July-August

    Autumn September-October-November

    Winter December-January-February

  3. Bonjour suite à la mise en place de IPB4 (beta 6) sur un forum test IPB 3.4.7, j'ai un souci avec les accents et les caractères spéciaux ?!!

    Voir ici => http://www.ctoulon.com/forum02/forums/

    Hello further to the implementation of IPB4 (beta 6) on a test forum IPB 3.4.7, I have a concern(marigold) with accents and special characters?!!

    See here = > http://www.ctoulon.com/forum02/forums/

    ( Sorry for the translation)


    ​Please post in appropriate forum...

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