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  1. Ah right, of course! Thanks!
  2. Is there a way to disable the support section of Commerce? It's much heavier & more complicated than what we need, & we'd rather disable it or at least cut off access to it.
  3. Can we please get the addition of the question/answer challenge on the contact us form? Captcha is not adequate any longer.
  4. Is the forum here running the beta? Or is it still on 4.3.x?
  5. Is there a listing somewhere with which areas create subdirectories & which do not?
  6. Bumping this yet again. I'm on 4.3.6 & it's still possible to tag a banned member. Is there a reason that this can't be implemented? It makes no sense to be able to tag someone that you don't want on the site. Even if you just made it a per-group setting that could be enabled. I've moved all of my banned members into a separate group, so that would give us a measure of control over this.
  7. Hey all, Would it be possible to include the event location as a part of the .ics file that gets exported when you click "download event"? That would be a very useful thing, since people may not want to subscribe to the entire event feed if they're just interested in a single event.
  8. I thought I'd follow up on this. Did this get changed in 4.2? I'm now on & I can still tag banned members.
  9. Hey all, Is there any way to add more services to the upload menu (see attachment)? Such as Google Photos? We've found a possible workaround to the 200 error when uploading from mobile. On iOS, if you enable Dropbox as a storage device, you can upload from there & it works (in limited testing) with files that fail otherwise. It would be nice if we could add more services, such as Google Photos (since it's so popular). So far I can't find any reference to that menu in the ACP anywhere. Is it customizable at all?
  10. Ah, sorry I should have clarified. I'm looking for a way to remove followers from old topics via some sort of batch tool. A way of removing followers from all topics older than a certain date, for example.
  11. Just like the topic says, is there any way to remove followers from old topics? I can't seem to find anything in the ACP about it.
  12. Hey Kevin, Just wanted to thank you publicly for such a great app. Last year we built a custom classifieds section on our site using Pages, & using Rules we were able to implement automatic cleanup function of ads as well as a basic system of automatically adding & removing access when someone buys an ad through Commerce. It's not absolutely perfect, but it works pretty well & everything is automated. If the only thing that we ever use this for is our classifieds, it will be worth it. I do have one question though. Would it be possible to use this to automatically remove followers from old topics, say older than a certain date?
  13. I'd like this as well. At least have the ability to set a group as not searchable when searching for members.
  14. Can someone point me in the direction of the template for support requests in Commerce? I'm having the same issue with support requests as I did with the pm's. The content of a support request is contained in the email that is sent to the member, & they reply to the email rather than logging into the site & replying in the request. It creates gaps in the history of the request, so I'd like to remove the content from the template if possible.
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