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  1. Is the forum here running the beta? Or is it still on 4.3.x?
  2. Bumping this yet again. I'm on 4.3.6 & it's still possible to tag a banned member. Is there a reason that this can't be implemented? It makes no sense to be able to tag someone that you don't want on the site. Even if you just made it a per-group setting that could be enabled. I've moved all of my banned members into a separate group, so that would give us a measure of control over this.
  3. Hey all, Would it be possible to include the event location as a part of the .ics file that gets exported when you click "download event"? That would be a very useful thing, since people may not want to subscribe to the entire event feed if they're just interested in a single event.
  4. I thought I'd follow up on this. Did this get changed in 4.2? I'm now on & I can still tag banned members.
  5. Hey Kevin, Just wanted to thank you publicly for such a great app. Last year we built a custom classifieds section on our site using Pages, & using Rules we were able to implement automatic cleanup function of ads as well as a basic system of automatically adding & removing access when someone buys an ad through Commerce. It's not absolutely perfect, but it works pretty well & everything is automated. If the only thing that we ever use this for is our classifieds, it will be worth it. I do have one question though. Would it be possible to use this to automatically remove followers from old topics, say older than a certain date?
  6. I just finished our upgrade to IPB 4 (finally), & apparently I can tag banned users in posts. Is this normal behavior? If so, is there some way to prevent that from happening? Kevin's Rules app maybe?
  7. Hey Mark, Is there a reason that you guys haven't broken the forums down for version 4 for separate products in the way that you did for version 3? It's kind of hard to search for things that are specific to Pages or Gallery with the way that this is set up.
  8. Bumping this to the top... Were you ever able to find or create a solution for this?
  9. ​Hey Terabyte, For whatever reason, I didn't realize that you replied to my request above, sorry for the late reply to yours. Thanks so much! If you could give me that edit for the XML file, I would be grateful. I'm pretty comfortable with making those kinds of edits.
  10. Hey Terrabyte, I really appreciate your work on this mod, it really makes a forum look so much better. Quick question, & this may seem a bit odd. Would it be possible to make this hook ignore & not apply the formatting to the usernames in certain areas? The reason that I ask is that we're running a custom skin & the usernames look really good on most of the board except for in the main title bar at the top of each post in both the topic view as well as a message thread. (The background used for that bar is such that it's difficult to find colors that have enough contrast.) Is there any way to do that?
  11. I liked your post, but also had to give a big thanks for keeping this thing going. Big props. :cheer:
  12. Hey there, Is there a way to randomize this rather than pull the most recent images?
  13. Hey Mike, I didn't get a chance to test with attachments, this was just a very large picture that someone had linked from a remote location into a post, & when pulled into that block on the portal it totally borked the look in Firefox. Chrome displayed it perfectly though, pretty weird issue. Got the template bit, thanks!
  14. Well, I fixed it by limiting the number of characters fed into the portal to 100. That cleans up the look quite a bit, so I'm content with that. Quick question: is there a template bit where I can make some edits to the html for that center "latest_topics_main"? I'd like to make a couple of stylistic changes to that block to match up with my skin, but I can't find the bit to do it.
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