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Swap record_image with custom field image?


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There are several instances where Record Image simply isn't cutting it. For one, you cannot alter its position in the Custom Field list. For some reason, it is hard coded to the bottom.  This makes it confusing for members when they see that post additional images, and then see that they have another button at the bottom asking for images.  

Currently, I have two image upload buttons setup. One is for Upload Primary Image, and another for Upload Additional Images.

I would like to replace the record_image with my custom image, however I don't understand the proper syntax to code it properly.

How would I replace:

<a href="{$record->url()}" style="background-image: url({{if ($id == 0)}}{file='$record->record_image' extension='cms_Records'}">

With my "image" template key?  I know this below is how it's called elsewhere...but how would I included it in the code statement above?

 {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('image', 'display')|raw}

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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