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  1. Wow, never realized this was even a part of SEO... What if the logo name (the filename) stays the same? Would that prevent the detrimental effect?
  2. Interesting! I appreciate the feedback and experience in using Clubs - a bit disappointed to hear they're not in line visually with the rest of the IPS suite (yet) - I wonder why that is, considering I would think it far easier to reuse existing forum code.
  3. Does this allow you to choose which version of the SoundCloud player to use (or allow the user at the time of posting which one to use)? I would prefer having the smaller more compact player than the huge one that is by default used by IPS.
  4. There you have it, folks. Most users are not likely to download a separate app just to enable push notifications for one forum.
  5. @The Old Man - fellow 'old man' here myself - as a newly upgraded 4.4.3 forum owner and considering Clubs, would you say Clubs are better than having subforums for specific content?
  6. I actually got it working - no whitelisting needed
  7. Awesome - about whitelisting the iframe source - would I do that through the ACP in the link posting settings, or somewhere else?
  8. Ah, okay - if anything, just having an "other" option to enter your own custom one would be useful... surprised they didn't do that (and give a facility to upload an icon with it).
  9. Can this be updated for 4.4.x? I know Bandcamp does not use oEmbed, but could this be done as a CKEditor button?
  10. You can add custom fields to user profiles for this
  11. iOS 13 is rumoured to have a Night or Dark Mode as a system default as well.
  12. I was wondering about this too - what the heck is a Feature Color, and how does it benefit our communities?
  13. Okay - I will give it a try (I had it on the default 30 seconds BTW) and let you know. Thank you!
  14. @Adriano Faria - I purchased this yesterday as I just upgraded my forum to 4.4.3 from 3.4.9 and we had an old version of this addon and my users really liked it. After enabling the addon though, I noticed my board was much more sluggish, whereas it has been quite speedy since upgrading to 4.4.3. This morning I awoke to CPU alerts (I am on a VPS), site up/down notices, etc. and could barely get into the ACP to disable your addon. I should mention that it is the only addon installed besides "Who Was Online" addon found here: Once I did disable your addon though, my board is back to normal, and is running fine. I did see via Chrome's Console that there were a lot of timeouts, etc. when the addon was enabled. What are my options at this point? I really like the addon, but if it's not an issue that can be resolved, I would appreciate you considering a refund. Thanks for your efforts and let me know (either here or via PM) what can be done.
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