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    At first, I thought this was a pretty handy addon, but it has several issues/caveats and areas for improvement: It by default forces defined colors for the UI - you can simply remove the color in the settings and it will honor the theme colors It does not work with some themes @ehren. Chameleon Dark theme specifically in my case. A per-theme setting allowing you to choose which themes the addon is applied would be nice. The online/post starter indicators are not configurable (other than turning them off) - it would be nice to choose where they appear (they are in the upper left and right of the user info box, slightly overlapping the corners). A better place would be in the corners of the avatar image. Unless you have a LOT of user fields, this really doesn't save much screen real estate (which was what I was wanting it for; to simplify the user info panel) I ended up uninstalling it (mostly due to incompatibility with one of my themes) and not bringing as much benefit as I had hoped. Still, kudos for making something that some users might find helpful!
  1. I'm looking for an addon/application that can manage a contest where users can submit a file (in my case, an audio file) or link to a file, and then everyone gets x number of votes to vote for the most popular files. So in this case this application wouldn't work, but can anyone recommend something similar that meets those needs outlined above?
  2. Could this be used for other kinds of contests/competitions other than just photos? Do you need the Gallery application to make this work?
  3. I agree that if IPS wants to expand the user base of the suite, offering more CMS-like capabilities would be the way to go. The only requirement I would think would to retain the ability to edit the visually-built pages by editing the source HTML/CSS code directly for those who have the skills to do so.
  4. That's a nice way to implement dark mode - not pure black, but shades of dark grays so it's easier on the eyes. An idea is to offer an "automatic" dark mode - look at the user's local time and switch the theme from light to dark depending on what time it is for them.
  5. Chrome 78 has a "force dark mode" that uses color inversion - might be an option for those (depends on how well or not the inversion works with your forum theme). To enable it: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
  6. Here's a good article on creating a Dark Mode using CSS that gives some thought to not just simply making everything gray and black: https://css-tricks.com/dark-modes-with-css/
  7. I use VigLink, but I read recently they were purchased by a company and things are/may be changing. So far, I'm getting my cheques so I'm not complaining. EDIT - looking at my VigLink dashboard, I haven't gotten a cheque since roughly they were purchased... my config says it's okay, so not sure what the deal is. Anyone else having VigLink issues like this?
  8. I just switched on SendGrid - is there anything else beyond setting up the API key that needs to be done (on the IPS ACP side of things, or on the SendGrid side of things?
  9. Agreed - there needs to be more focus on responsive images (and either providing a utility to upload or auto generate, although I prefer creating images at specific sizes) another way to address this would be to allow an SVG forum logo...
  10. The main negative with shadow banning is once they realize they're shadow banned, they will (presumably) contact the admins/mods and then get (again, presumably) even angrier that they were treated in such a way. Just like performance reviews at a job, nobody should be surprised when they get banned (unless it is instantly for an egregious violation of your community rules and guidelines). Good moderation and a system (first, warnings and/or verbals, then temp bans, then permabans all while letting the violator know why action is being taken against them) negates the need for such a divisive feature.
  11. Wouldn't a central login system require IPS to get into the user account management game (e.g., you would be an identity provider for our communities by having (presumably) a unified 'IPS ID" that would SSO users into any forum(s) listed on the IPS App they belong to, and registering users for forums they don't belong to)? Are you sure you guys want to get into that, because that is EXACTLY what Tapatalk does, and I think hints at what @Morgin means when it makes users feel like they are using a platform rather than belonging to any specific community. I can see the business logic and benefits to the end users for something like that, but you're basically Tapatalk at that point.
  12. Awesome, just what I was looking for - I did notice on reviews that it will only show the matches until you press the space bar, which I guess isn't so bad since after the first word you will inevitably press space, thus triggering the matches.
  13. Similar to how Stack Overflow works when asking a new question, it would be great if there was a typeahead feature for topic titles to avoid duplicating entries. For example - If I were to type "How to Use Emojis", as I type, all topic titles that match that text would appear as suggested links that could be opened or previewed to see if the topic I am proposing already exists. I know there are Similar Topics addons, but they only show you topics related to the one already posted. If not a core feature, then perhaps an addon?
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