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  1. I cannot get AdSense to detect the code I pasted into the box in the Advertisements section - Google AdSense keeps giving me the message: But in the Advertisements section, it says the ad I created that has the AdSense code in it has gotten 78747 impressions - how is this possible?
  2. I just purchased this, and everywhere it is showing "1 viewing" (on the forums that actually have activity), but when I click on it shows many more users - is there a problem? And yes, this is in Table view - I thought this was similar to VBulletin's "users viewing topic".
  3. IPS would have to update their default theme (as would any theme developer) to incorporate the @media prefers-color-scheme selector. Also, you would want users to be able to decide if they want the theme for the site to honor their system preferences or not.
  4. As a matter of fact, how it is implemented on Mobile is perfect - just make the Forum filter modal window available on Desktop as it is in Mobile!
  5. I experienced this too (the inability to switch skins) and it does not show on the user menu (for me or anybody else). I think the idea behind this is users are supposed to choose two themes (one for bright, one for dark) and maybe that's why it doesn't allow theme switching (as that would conflict with the user's choices) to switch between for the light and dark modes.
  6. I really like the Fluid view, but it would be great if there was a way to hide the forum selection sidebar once you've made your selections so the other sidebar items aren't pushed down because of it being at the top, or maybe move it to a modal when you activate Fluid view?
  7. @Anawa - thanks, that helped me too. Is there any better way to display this? As a sidebar, it eats up 25% of the horizontal screen real estate, and as a box under the first post it also fills a lot of space. Is there any way to make it a collapsible sidebar? The information is useful, but not at the cost of screen real estate.
  8. There's advantages and disadvantages to having IPS as SaaS versus self-hosted - most software nowadays is SaaS, and a lot of companies without the resources or expertise prefer that over having to maintain everything themselves. Cost will be the biggest factor in whether IPS could go fully SaaS and keep smaller customers (depending on what percentage of their customer base that is).
  9. First off - my apologies for my rude assumption - guess I was in a bad mood when I wrote that... Second, I hear what you're saying - but how many IPS customers are like yourself and @Paul E. that do know what they are doing - probably not that many. So from a business perspective, it makes sense for IPS to move towards a framework or methodology that allows them more flexibility in software development since any support requests are likely to come though the ticketing system anyway.
  10. Against 1M records? IPS should give you a free license for massively optimizing their script! I see what you mean - so how they've changed the upgrade/install process has made it more difficult for users like yourself with the knowledge and understanding to be able to tinker under the hood so to speak - well, you can't say they didn't deliver the Apple Experience™ you were wanting! Hopefully IPS' support can help you out, especially when it seems you've done most of the heavy lifting for them.
  11. You've never done software development, have you? I cannot think of the hundreds, nay, thousands of hours IPS must have put into 4.5 - all the testing, planning, trying to make things as smooth as possible for their customers to upgrade their sites, etc. If the connection between the host and client is terminated, there's usually no way to tell the host process "hang on, something's wrong" and stop whatever processes are running, and record a stopping point (can you imagine if it was inside a query - I suppose a rollback is possible, but again, a lot of overhead for something that isn't likely going to occur). The absolute safest way is to run the upgrade via a RDP or similar process, so that way if the client connection is cut, the VM running the upgrade can continue uninterrupted (because presumably the host machine is on a solid connection with redundancies for power, etc.). This was unfortunately a case of bad luck on @Paul E. part, but I take exception blaming or insinuating that IPS is somehow "not determined enough".
  12. So if you never customized anything, what's the issue? You liked the old 4.4.x colors better? IPS had been saying for some time there was a new default theme coming, etc. - it's not as if this should be a big surprise to anyone... I guess what you could do is find a site running 4.4.x and ask them to provide you the hex values, or maybe IPS could give you an old to new color mapping (doubtful they would have it)...
  13. And exactly how would IPS or any addon developer account for a disconnect from the client machine running the upgrade?
  14. What did you use for your tracker (out of curiosity)? Any advice on themes @bfarber?
  15. <rant>You guys need to lengthen your topic titles so people can use full words 😧</rant> So, based on the abbreviated topic title, what's the best way (short of looking up every Application or Plugin manually) of finding out if there is a 4.5-compatible version? I'd like to see which of my Apps and Plugins are compatible first, so I know which ones I need to disable or at least double-check once I update to 4.5. As for themes - if I used the Easy Mode to create a default theme, will it for the most part carry over, or would I need to start from scratch?
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