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  1. This sounds really useful - could you provide a before and after example?
  2. Quote Collapse We will finish with another popular feature request; the ability for long quotes to be collapsed, reducing the amount of scrolling one has to do. Quite simply, Invision Community collapses long quotes with an option to expand them to read the entire quote. Well, that will eliminate one plugin I have - great!
  3. https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/guide/dev_acf.html Specifically this bit: https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/guide/dev_acf.html#automatic-mode-and-allow-additional-tagsproperties
  4. I think he might mean his scripts, as in the addons he's installed into CKEditor - if the forum software (and editor) is updated, do the addons get wiped out? Good question and just a guess on my part about his question.
  5. while in designers mode the change stays until the theme is re-installed. What I mean is if the theme is reinstalled, it WILL restore the theme settings, so this is potential solution to the issue (although I do see your point about the revert button issue).
  6. Can't the custom theme just be reinstalled and all the settings will be restored?
  7. Chrome itself isn't resource intensive, but if you have dozens of tabs open, it can use up a lot of RAM. Usually the addons (and poorly-coded ones at that) are responsible for Chrome getting any reputation for being slow or a resource hog. And Edge was a bit faster than Chrome (before switching engines) because MS could use proprietary hooks to speed it up vs other browser makers who didn't have the inside track on Windows' inner workings... The bottom line here is with one less rendering engine to worry about, cross-browser compatibility should be even less of a thing. That being said, IE 11 will still be around for awhile (at least in corporate environments) due to legacy application support.
  8. Wait, wat? Google Chrome is based on the open-source Chromium browser...
  9. A link to said player would be helpful... You could also make an Editor button that does the embed (but that's certainly not as nice as a paste-n-go native embed).
  10. You're showing two different types of content in your examples - a single entry, and then quoted text. I think @Matt is correct that specific content in that email is causing it to push out the margins. That being said, is there anything in the MailChimp template that can force the width to a maximum size? I know with email templates it's really tricky and can take forever to troubleshoot something like this only to find that because of Outlook or another mail client's lack of CSS support, you cannot compensate for things like this.
  11. Is it possible an update to iOS or your mail app on your device caused this?
  12. This is a great enhancement to Clubs - good to see the feature getting more love.
  13. Yeah... I mean FA5 has been around for some time - is it a licensing/cost issue? I realize that most IPS customers probably will never use another FA font outside of the ones you set in the application by default, but for those of us who want to do more, having FA5 incorporated into the suite would be a huge win.
  14. I really think not having a 'honors OS theme setting' is a misstep here - honoring dark mode or having a dark mode is almost a must-have these days. Will this be an optional skin and the 4.4 ACP skin will still work? I don't mind progress, but as others have said, perhaps other areas in need of improvement should have gotten more attention than an ACP theme change I don't think anybody asked for...?
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