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  1. I just have to say, reading this thread and trying to understand your concerns... I'm getting the impression you get mad at Apple when a new version of iOS comes out or your computer wants to reboot due to updates. Change is an inherent part of software, especially on the internet. If you cannot accept change (whether you agree with the reasons behind that change or not), then you should probably get out of hosting forums, websites, and probably the internet in general. It will always change, continue to change, and will do so whether you like it or not. Hanging onto the past is not only short-sighted, but irresponsible if said outdated software contains vulnerabilities that puts your users at risk. I do agree with you on Subscriptions being rolled into Commerce, but I can also understand and appreciate why IPS took the direction they did with it. If it helps, think of Subscriptions being rolled into Commerce as a way to expand for those whose needs grow beyond just subscriptions, whereas if Subscriptions was a stand-alone feature and someone needed more out of it, then they would be frustrated that they were limited and have to buy *another* module in the suite. Likewise, users who are Commerce focused don't need to buy a separate module just to get Subscription features. The fact they are integrated benefits both potential scenarios.
  2. The new thing these days is Responsive Font Sizes (the font size adjusts to the kind of display/viewport you are on) - frameworks like Bootstrap are starting to incorporate them. Also, on your mobile device, you should be able to increase the font size globally (and I would think the browser/website would honor that as well?)...
  3. What I meant is if IPS offered a Dark Mode via an application switch, not a theme, any theme (including IPS own theme) would need to support it otherwise at best, nothing happens when the switch is toggled, and at worst the theme breaks or is rendered unreadable because of white text on a white background, etc. I suppose a Dark Mode would really just be a theme switch anyway, but there would still need to be the requisite CSS to support it.
  4. I think the fact that IPS is themable negates the need for a "dark mode" which is popular with apps today. Perhaps if IPS provided a dark version of the default theme... If an application-level dark mode was implemented, then theme creators would have to support it with dark mode CSS for their themes - which raises the question - would an already dark theme go reverse in dark mode (e.g., light mode)? 😀
  5. There are some larger forums (businesses in their own right) that probably wouldn't have an issue paying $$$ for a feature that important these days. No iOS support though based on what you mention? Even better, why not sell it to IPS?
  6. Or, use the -/+ keys in conjunction with the CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) to increase or decrease the default browser zoom level - note this will also make images and other elements larger as well.
  7. Sarcasm never carries over well online, does it? 🙄
  8. Couldn't that be prevented by setting the container sizes (e.g., the image dimensions) prior to the image loading?
  9. Yeah, I am seeing where data images are the preferred method (although that does add to page weight (KB)) for faster loading.
  10. I think this is an excellent idea - have minimum subscription amounts, but allow users to choose an amount above the set minimum if they wish to contribute more.
  11. I get what you're saying, and it a lot of ways, you are right - the majority of folks here are probably like you, and don't want to "develop software". I think IPS has made great strides with the theme editing being easier for non-programmers to use, so hopefully for those who want it they will develop something like what WordPress offers. Ideally, the best would be an editor where people could easily put together pages, but also allow "under the hood" editing for more advanced users.
  12. I understand the desire for a WYSIWYG editor for creating Pages, etc., but honestly learning the HTML/CSS/JS (and more importantly the IPS framework that uses all three) will not only result in you getting exactly what you want, but you'll have a deeper understanding of the software, etc. If you've invested enough time to learn the IPS Forums software, Pages should be your next big investment (time-wise).
  13. I would add too that it's putting more on the developers of having to keep up with IPS updates and then conversely edit or retire their addons if that functionality is now a default part of the suite.
  14. I'm nominating this thread for still being a concern after being raised in 2016... 😕
  15. Actually, I didn't - hence my asking about potential abuse (but thanks for thinking I was that smart) 😊 That being said - won't this be confusing to (potential) users if they post, and then wonder why the post isn't showing (or does it tell them)? I guess it might encourage them to complete registration and sign up so their post shows...
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