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  1. I've got a potential issue - when using this as a Widget, the part that says "Most members ever online was [x], last accomplished on [x]" keeps resetting - I have the widget set for the last 24 hours, but that text leads me to think it should be keeping track of the all-time most users vs the most in the past 24 hours. Does that make sense?
  2. Wow - that's surprising - I thought Clubs had features like that (I haven't implemented them on my forum yet)
  3. By 'play' I am assuming there is a language issue here and you mean that you're unable to set who can see, read, and reply to posts made in the forum that's part of the Club? I honestly think Clubs (from what I have been able to understand of your request) is the solution you need.
  4. So this is something on Pages items, and not in the ACP in general? I thought that was what the OP was pointing out/asking about...
  5. How do you enable this?
  6. @Adriano Faria - bought! Thank you!
  7. My users are asking for a similar feature - I searched the addons and couldn't find anything - really surprised that this hasn't been implemented in some fashion yet. Also, what does @Max mean by Is this still in IPS 4.4.4? I can't seem to find this feature.
    This is a great addon, restoring something lacking from the 4.x version of the software that 3.4.x had. The search is useful, especially on boards where you're searching for a member but can't quite remember their username, etc. The individual feature settings, while nice are a bit tedious to set if you're going for anything other than "All". The one improvement I would suggest is on the user groups filter - it would be helpful if some groups could be excluded from the filter as it exposes all the user groups the forum has. An overall members count on the main Members tab page would be helpful as well.
  8. In addition to stickiness, another option (that should be brought back from 3.4.x) is the ability to collapse sections in the sidebar or the entire sidebar itself when it is visible depending on your viewport size.
  9. Honestly, I wonder why people who use IPS are seemingly obsessed with emulating or trying to improve upon Facebook, etc. - to me, the biggest "threat" are sites like Reddit when it comes to IPS-driven sites.
  10. I suppose you could take the link code for the Preview button in the editor and code into the template a button that uses that link code... I think the reason IPS moved it to the editor toolbar and made it a toolbar button was most people don't preview their posts the majority of the time.
  11. You may want to try disabling your ad blocker for this site to see if that potentially is causing the slowness.
  12. Doesn't the "Our Picks" feature allow this?
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