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  1. Couldn't that be prevented by setting the container sizes (e.g., the image dimensions) prior to the image loading?
  2. Yeah, I am seeing where data images are the preferred method (although that does add to page weight (KB)) for faster loading.
  3. I think this is an excellent idea - have minimum subscription amounts, but allow users to choose an amount above the set minimum if they wish to contribute more.
  4. I get what you're saying, and it a lot of ways, you are right - the majority of folks here are probably like you, and don't want to "develop software". I think IPS has made great strides with the theme editing being easier for non-programmers to use, so hopefully for those who want it they will develop something like what WordPress offers. Ideally, the best would be an editor where people could easily put together pages, but also allow "under the hood" editing for more advanced users.
  5. I understand the desire for a WYSIWYG editor for creating Pages, etc., but honestly learning the HTML/CSS/JS (and more importantly the IPS framework that uses all three) will not only result in you getting exactly what you want, but you'll have a deeper understanding of the software, etc. If you've invested enough time to learn the IPS Forums software, Pages should be your next big investment (time-wise).
  6. I would add too that it's putting more on the developers of having to keep up with IPS updates and then conversely edit or retire their addons if that functionality is now a default part of the suite.
  7. I'm nominating this thread for still being a concern after being raised in 2016... 😕
  8. Actually, I didn't - hence my asking about potential abuse (but thanks for thinking I was that smart) 😊 That being said - won't this be confusing to (potential) users if they post, and then wonder why the post isn't showing (or does it tell them)? I guess it might encourage them to complete registration and sign up so their post shows...
  9. I'm really surprised nobody's mentioned the potential for abuse with this - what would prevent spammers (or more specifically, trolls/banned members) from using this to post diatribes? I like the idea that it goes to a moderator queue, but that's only after they have registered. Also, what about "orphan" posts from members who use that to post, then abandon the registration process? Can there be a setting that removes those posts unless they register in [x] days? Is there anything tracking-wise that would prevent a user to abuse this to post occasionally, and never actually register (like in the case of a forum that is subscription-only) to get around having to pay to join the community?
  10. Sure, but is the resource removed after one report? The statistics would provide information that could be useful to the potential purchaser - for example, if a resource hasn't been updated since (and tie this with the version of IPS at the time of that update), it could give pause to a potential buyer if the resource hasn't been updated since 4.1, and the current version is 4.4. Another useful metric would be (and they already show this I think unless its the resource developers doing this themselves) showing the versions of the resource and when they were released, so people will know when a previous version bugs was fixed, etc. Granted, as @HeadStand mentioned, stable resources that are released once and due to their nature continue to work regardless of IPS minor versions, etc. could be incorrectly flagged under such a system - this was just food for thought at how to improve the existing system, since it is obviously a cause of concern for resource developers and purchasers alike.
  11. I think IPS should leverage the community to police the available addons and flag ones that are abandoned, incompatible with the latest versions, etc. so that way potential buyers will have more information to go on before committing to buy. Some statistics about how often the addon is updated, etc. in the addon page would be helpful as well.
  12. For a HiDPI or "retina" display logo, you need to make the logo at 2x pixels so on those devices it will display sharper. Googling "how to make retina-ready images" should provide some tutorials.
  13. Yeah, that's even more confusing (to me) why they'd have to use two IPS sites...
  14. I think a "play on hover/tap*" feature for GIFs would be great from a UX perspective, but also from a performance perspective - no endlessly looping GIFs slowing down browsers or mobile devices. *for mobile since there is no hover In fact, here's how: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/on-click-animated-gif/
  15. I am sure there is a good reason for it, but why wouldn't IPS want to showcase their (arguably) two biggest modules outside of the Forums module itself by using it for their very own site? Not saying it's a bad thing, but genuinely curious as to why that's the case...
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