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  1. Are you talking about Subscriptions we can offer through Commerce to forum users?
  2. Awesome, just what I was looking for - I did notice on reviews that it will only show the matches until you press the space bar, which I guess isn't so bad since after the first word you will inevitably press space, thus triggering the matches.
  3. Similar to how Stack Overflow works when asking a new question, it would be great if there was a typeahead feature for topic titles to avoid duplicating entries. For example - If I were to type "How to Use Emojis", as I type, all topic titles that match that text would appear as suggested links that could be opened or previewed to see if the topic I am proposing already exists. I know there are Similar Topics addons, but they only show you topics related to the one already posted. If not a core feature, then perhaps an addon?
  4. You say it won't be HTML, so it will be a true 'native' iOS/Android app, and not just loading a Phonegap or similar app into an app container? What happens if we do have addons installed? Does it just ignore them?
  5. So rather than hitting enter three times, you would rather: Put your cursor where you want the break Take your hand off the keyboard to grab your mouse Move the mouse to the editor toolbar and click a button Return your hands to the keyboard Because that's more intuitive? 😕
  6. Ah, too bad - it looks like you also want to do it by editing the BBCode? Unfortunately I think that ship has sailed as far as IPS is concerned...
  7. I get it - you want it so you can take a quote like this: And break it up so you can do the following: I think A is great B is alright, although somewhat surly C however is the very best, and my recommendation. You're saying this was possible in the 3.x version? See what I did there? Not exactly what you want, but a potential solution.
  8. Ah, that explains it. Why wouldn't (couldn't) it use any images posted in the thread up to that point?
  9. Other users have requested this as well - another thing I've noticed is sometimes images in a thread won't be available to choose as an image for the Our Picks header.
  10. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50840168/how-to-detect-if-the-os-is-in-dark-mode-in-browsers Some more helpful information: https://css-tricks.com/dark-modes-with-css/
  11. I wonder if the 'hide post' and 'unlock post' features when posting work that way?
  12. I would think you'd want to manually upgrade the Production servers, since if something did go wrong unless you built in error reporting, you wouldn't know until your customers came screaming at you that the site/forum was down...
  13. I too didn't like switching to Discord after IPS discontinued the Chat module. Just for the same reasons the OP listed, I don't like Discord (although it didn't affect my community like the OP). So, I recently got @onlyME ChatBox+ - it's actually better than IPS Chat ever was, and integrates seamlessly into the forums/my community. It is updated on a regular basis and support for it is stellar (sorry if this is sounding like a review), and gives me the control I want back over my community's chatting experience. I'm going to be discontinuing my Discord soon now that I have ChatBox+, but I will say this - the key here is to sell this to your community as a positive move, and let them know that now a new, better solution has been implemented, the Discord chat will be discontinued at some point in the future, so your users know it's coming. You'll likely get resistance, but if you can successfully sell the benefits of an integrated chat, you can make that transition and ditch Discord if that's what you'd prefer.
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