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Moving from Cloud to self-hosted

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Hello everyone, we are trying to get a test install up and running but I have ran into a few issues I requested a backup of the site files and DB from invision.
The sites data is stored on S3 I downloaded a copy of the invision software and uploaded the zip to my doc root, files exacted, a new MySQL DB was created and data imported
created a conf_global.php in the doc root updated with the local MySQL DB credentials and site URL.  plugins & applications folder dropped in the doc root as well.

The site comes up with what I would think are minor issues, some icons are not showing and menu items.
The site is pulling everything from the S3 buckets set on the live site. we will use a s3 compatible storage providers new bucket added to test site.

My main question is would the software move or copy over all of the site data to the new bucket once I change the location because I don't want any data lost on the live site
or should I upload the data to the new s3 compatible bucket manually?

The next question is this what is the correct way to restore from a cloud instants backup to self-hosted?

 All help will be greatly appreciated

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You will want to make sure you have a self-hosted license. Once you have made sure your new self-hosted server meets the IBP requirements, you would import your database and make sure all of the IPB files are uploaded to your site. You would also make sure all of the variables in conf_global.php are correct.  If your cloud instance was not the latest version you might also need to run yourdomain.com/admin/upgrade. 

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The version was not the same running updates

Some applications are not compatible with the core. You need to upgrade all applications in the suite, otherwise the following applications will be disabled:

  • __app_cloud
  • __app_convert
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OK thanks, I ran the updates that fixed the issues with icons and menu items

Just need to move the content over to the new s3 bucket.
It says the site can copy it in a background process but im not sure if it will remove anything from the old buckets or just make a copy.

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It's going to move then and once they were moved, they'll be deleted.

BUT please be careful if you're using Forum Cover Images, they'll not be moved correctly due to a bug in the current release ( this will be fixed in the next release)

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Thanks everyone for the help restore almost done got this error when I tried to re-upload an image

InvalidArgumentException:  (0)
#0 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/system/File/File.php(1573): IPS\_Image::create('<?xml version="...')
#1 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/applications/core/modules/front/members/profile.php(1416): IPS\_File->thumbnail('core_Profile', 240, 240, true)
#2 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(107): IPS\core\modules\front\members\_profile->editPhoto()
#3 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/applications/core/modules/front/members/profile.php(81): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()
#4 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\core\modules\front\members\_profile->execute()
#5 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
#6 {main}

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Posted (edited)

#0 /home/kxxxx/kxxxx.kxxxx.com/init.php(1036): IPS\_Log::log('InvalidArgument...', 'uncaught_except...')
#1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler(Object(InvalidArgumentException))
#2 {main}


Could this be a PHP issue, nothing found in the server logs, but the found this in the admin panel log running PHP 8.2

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OK ran the requirement checker again


Could contain: Page, Text, File

OK i'm starting to think its a plugin causing issues, I when to get support in the admin panel it said I need to run updates
again even tho I'm on the latest version I started it  but now I get errors. for Membermap


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