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  1. Why is my website a blank screen.  Key Pro Web, Jim Hetchler

  2. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    Martin, I having issues importing members in my forum, i have done the profile sync and still nothing comes up in the member map. What is your suggestion for this. I can give you access to the ACP if needed to get this resolved. i would like to get all the info in this area in the member map.
  3. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    I am having an issue that no members shows up on the map now after the upgrade of IPS and MemberMap. Is there something i need to check? it is set to, Showing 0 markers but in Marker Groups, i have a group named Member and it has 341 members of it.
  4. I've now tried every API (even getting an account with thumbshots) and nothing seems to work ..
  5. Is the 'refresh thumbnail' issue a known bug ? I click on it and it does nothing when a thumbnail has not been grabbed.
  6. Maybe a feature idea to allow moderators to move content into a collab from the main forum. We see off topic content in the main body of the forum that would be best in a collab but there is no way to get the content there.
  7. Is there anyway to move posts or thread into or out of a collab ? The moderator action as is does not seem to allow this to happen ?
  8. I've done an import from the abandoned original Social groups app. I have all the groups and it suggests content (see screenshot) but there seems no way to access it ? I assume I've missed something simple, but am at a loss to see where ? Now in the case shown If I click on the 'forum' jokes not too bad there is nothing produced. (I've admin rights) even if it's a group I belong too fully nothing appears ?
  9. Any known issues why the thumbnail grab does not always work - If I as an admin submit a link it seems to work just fine, but links submitted by others (no links are held for moderation) the images are not being created ?
  10. It appears to be working, just a very strange process where it may have been conflicted with the remains of the old plugin ?
  11. It threw the error and then Classifieds version 1.2.1 showed in the list, so I clicked update app and uploaded your version and installed it at version 1.0.0 ! Very odd.
  12. So, After trying it appeared on the list, so I did update app and reinstalled.
  13. Can't seem to screenshot the table in a way that makes sense. This any good ? core_applications.sql
  14. I had the old Andy Milne app. Just updated to 4.x so purchased this to replace the old system. 1st problem was the SQL query in the manual Is that a problem ? We currently have these tables in the DB So, we held off on installing the new app pending some advice re process. Thanks
  15. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    Some time ago the dev was good enough to produce a mod of this plugin that displayed the members signature in the pop-up on the map. I've just upgraded to 4.x, is there a way to do the same thing now ?
  16. In the absence of a clean upgrade can anyone advise (I really don't want to trawl through 45 pages of posts) what the alternatives are during an upgrade from 3.x to 4.x where the links directory is being used ?
  17. Thanks for posting that. IMO - if the vendor is still selling this without support and no intention to continue developing it stinks.
  18. Given that the developer has not : Updated this app since March 2014 Has not replied to pm's re it. Has not participated in this thread since January And was online only a few days ago. We can safely assume this is a dead app - as such anyone have any insights on how to migrate away from it ??
  19. I have searched but cannot seem to locate an answer : is there any way to : Merge social groups & Move contents from a social group to a main forum ? (or vice versa ?)
  20. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    Hmm, I've just found the same issue - anyone have any ideas ? I've rebuilt the skins / templates in case it was in there ...............
  21. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    Please reply to my private message re my issue. I'm willing to commission a private fix.
  22. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    If it will fix my current issue, I'll hold off on updating member map for quite some time then.
  23. jimkeypro

    Member Map

    The next version of your plugin or IP 4 ?
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