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New registration validation method does not work properly

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When I set the Login & Registration > Registration > "Validation method for new accounts" to 

(o) Email and administrator validation
(The user will be sent an email containing a special link they have to click to validate their account after which an administrator will need to manually approve the account from the Admin Control Panel)

I assume, after registration -

  1. An email is sent to the new user to validate/confirm their email address (similar to a double opt-in)
  2. Only after the above step, Administrator should approve the account

However, the step 1 above is not performed in the workflow as the new user never receives an email to validate/confirm their email address and the account is waiting for admin to manually approve/ban the account. At this stage, admin has no clue if the email is valid/existing (username+domain) and has only the options to approve/ban. If the email is incorrect, future emails to the user will bounce as undeliverable and likely result in the mail server getting blacklisted as a spamming server by DNSBL/RBL resulting in subsequent emails to anyone ending up in users' spam folders.


Please resolve step # 1 above.

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