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[Suggestion] Tag/word filter for users


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It could create a system that some social networks have to hide content/comments involving a specific tag or word.

This would also be extremely useful for communities that discuss certain subjects such as movies, anime, games, series...

I made a demo in HTML of how it could be.

Could contain: Text, Page, File


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11 hours ago, Joel R said:

IPS already offers a built-in Word Filter feature

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage


You can also check out third-party Marketplace items, such as this:



You got it completely wrong... I know the two resources from the link and the ACP tool, it is nowhere near the same as the suggestion.

  • ACP word filter: Affects the entire community, it goes completely against.
  • Bim hide:  This feature is for administrative use and for the user who posted to block content with [hide][/hide] in exchange for engagement like likes and replies.
  • NE Hide: Again it's for administrative use, that's not the idea.

This is a filter created BY THE USER, where comments/content involving a specific word is hidden only for him.

The best example for you to understand: https://twitter.com/settings/muted_keywords

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