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Disable plugins/apps when unable to access the site


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I wasn't upgrading the site Marc, I accidentally turned on all the plugins on my site and then it went down.


There are no applications available to upgrade

All I did was add;


To my constants.php file, then I got the message about an install being in process.

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Looks like somehow your "installed" variable in your conf_global.php was turned to false so the system thought you needed to install. I set that to true and then uploaded the constants.php again. Then turned on Recovery Mode for you, disabled all third party items, and then disabled it. Things seem to be functioning now so there is an error with one of your third party addons there.

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4 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

Thank you, @Jim Mand @Marc Stridgen.

I have no idea how the conf.global.php was touched, as I didn't. I did rename the constants.php file from constants.old and removed the other lines bar the one needed for recovery as for some reason I no longer had a working on.

No worries. Just glad it was a simple configuration file issue and not something deeper 🙂 

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