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Setting up advertisements?

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Have never used advertising before, but when going through the settings, I saw an advertising setting in Site Promotion that seemed fairly simple.
So I wanted to just test it and see if it's viable. I set up a single image to show. I set only admin to see it while I test. Added a simple image.
But no matter what I do, I don't see any image anywhere, in any of the places I set it to appear. Have tried multiple times. Can't see anything wrong with what I am doing, so wanted to ask if there is something I need to know, or how to troubleshoot?
Anyone using it that can give any advice? I haven't tried showing to any other groups, but surely showing to admin should work?
Anyone? Much appreciated.

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I just tried this on a new stock/vanilla board and it worked fine.  (And the image dimensions don't matter.)

Have you tried creating a NEW vanilla theme and using it?  I know you said you have a standard theme, but just for giggles, create a new theme and use it to test.  (There could be a problem with your existing one.)

Also have you tried disabling all of your third party resources/applications to see if they might be interfering with the ad system?

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Tried various browsers, same.
Disabled all addons...same
Have about 6 themes installed, tried them all...same.
Not sure what you mean by primary profile @rastafari? I'm the main admin, and have always been logged in with that profile. So it should show to me as admin?
But I guess I'll have to enable it for members or guests and try it as one of those tomorrow. Wanted to avoid the questions until I decide where I am going with it, and once they see it they are going to start a debate. But I guess that is easiest for now.

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Hello, I tried to create my own advertisement.
So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the upload image item doesn't show me anything that allows me to upload an image.
How or what do I have to activate that is displayed with the upload window?

It's about the first picture here


Kind regards

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