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Tapatalk on IPS 4.7

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Hi guys,

does anyone know how to make Tapatalk work on IPS 4.7? 
They posted a guide on their site, but the guide does not work. They also don't bother responding to emails or threads 6+ months old on their forum that describe the problem. 
Really dumpster fire app and company but my users are pushing me to have that installed.

Anybody knows how to do it? (I installed the application tar, but it does seem to work on their site where you configure links etc) :biggrin:

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Honestly that broken app is not worth the trouble nowadays, and their support being crap doesn't help either. It had a place before when the forum's theme was not responsive / good enough for mobile, but with the newer versions the situation has changed drastically.

Most of the sites I've updated in the last couple of years decided to drop it, especially after they started forcing forum owners to pay to upload the files to their own servers instead of tapatalk's cdn.


My opinion is that you shouldn't install it, no matter what your users say. Try mentioning instead that using Tapatalk makes them lose a lot of functionality compared to using the site in a normal browser. This is especially true if you have modifications installed on your forum, those will never work on Tapatalk.

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FWIW, I removed Tapatalk entirely from my sites a couple months ago.  As you've experienced, their support is lacking, security is a concern, and their hijacking of your content is an even bigger concern.  I'd make efforts to review your uploaded images/videos and try to reclaim them from Tapatalk servers (as I've personally seen them just disappear there and your topics will get hit with 404s on image/video retrievals).

Some members didn't like it initially, but quickly learned, adapted to and even prefer the responsive mobile design of IPS.  Some like that "app" selection feel as opposed to opening a browser app and then navigating to a URL.  To achieve this, they can save the site to their device homepage as an icon (thereby appearing as an app) and load it that way.


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