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PHP8 doesn't like the file applications/rules/sources/Secure/Application.php file

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Hi -

I'm trying to upgrade a 4.7.2 site running on PHP 7.4 to 4.7.4 on PHP 8.0.

When I switch Apache over to use PHP 8 FPM, I get a white screen and an error like the below in the PHP error log file.

[09-Nov-2022 21:15:10 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in .../public/htdocs/applications/rules/sources/Secure/Application.php


The contents of this file look obfuscated - with plenty of base64 encoded stuff (to make me think it's almost possible it's malware) ... but I guess it's more likely to be some way of embeddeding a license key in the product?

If I comment out the single line in this file, I get an error like :

Class IPS\rules\Secure\Application could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace. EX256


I had a quick search of the forum for references to this magical file, or to the EX256 but nothing came up. 

I have a feeling I need a new license key? Or is something else up?


Thanks in advance


(Image shows the commented out version of the file that triggers the above error; blob obfuscated in the middle ... just in case)


Could contain: Computer Hardware, Hardware, Electronics, Text

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I believe Nathan is on the right track, although it may be a similarly-named app from the same, or another, author.

(Automation Rules was showing as being compatible only up to IPS v4.4, and you mention already being on v4.7.x.)

But if that is the right app, and it's throwing those errors, I believe you may have to fully uninstall it, rather than simply disable it. 

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